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  1. do you see a big difference between HP5+ and Delta?
  2. What medium format do you use? Been looking to add one to the collection!
  3. Very good point actually, the prices of cameras as well as skyrocketed... I got my first AE-1 Program for 100 and sold it recently for 350. Leica's have doubled. So pros and cons I suppose. To be seen!
  4. Hey everyone! wanted to get a round up of what everyone’s favourite films are at the moment! Personally I’m a Portra 400 and Ilford HP5 400 man usually with a sprinkling of Ektar to keep it interesting in the summer! what do you all like to shoot? Looking to get some new films in for new project I’m working on.
  5. Annoying in the short term but awesome long term! Means more film for us all! Means people are buying it again if they’re actually having to look at increasing production at a new plant which is pretty crazy if we think about it! Look forward to plentiful film for years to come!
  6. Octopus mask is a revolutionary way to keep out the cold
  7. It's up to you which way you do. Anything 800 ISO and above I usually take in a carry on and ask them to check by hand to be safe as you're usually ok for around 7-8 passes however if you're concerned just say its ISO 1600 and have them hand check it all!
  8. I would take in to have the wirings checked. I just bought a Leica M6 and can say that the Light Meter isnt the most easily read in comparison to the AE-1 (which I also still own and love!) but once you get used to the dual light reading its a treat. Have your camera checked and I agree with the battery check as well. Also an external lightmeter is also a worthwhile investment as they'll be more accurate than an internal one!
  9. @ianman Red Dot was amazing... definitely will be my go to store for any future purchases! I'll let you know how the Voigtlander is, i got the Multi coat so curious to see its performance!
  10. Hi everyone, Great to be apart of this forum. I am two days in to Leica ownership after dancing around it for years and couldn't be happier to finally have taken the plunge! After using Fuji digital cameras and then a Canon AE-1 for ages I finally bought a gorgeous Leica M6 from Red Dot in London with a Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 and can't wait to put my first roll of Porta 400 through it this weekend walking around Borough Market. Very excited to get involved in this forum and meet other photographers and learn more about being apart of the Leica family! Gus
  11. Love the framing with the woman walking! Great capture
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