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  1. Absolutely agree with everything a.noctilux explains in comparisons of Noctiluxes themselves and with the Summilux 50 v3. The v3, btw, has none of the field curvature I found to be unpleasant with the otherwise delightful Summilux ASPH. The advantages of the Summilux are that it is much, much smaller (no finder blockage), it focuses 30cm closer and with more clarity, and its higher contrast seems to suit MM better than the 50/1. The advantage of the 50/1 is that sometimes the rendering is not the same as the Summilux v3... rather, it is other worldly!
  2. Not at all bad, considering that Leica USA on-line charged me US$6,500 including all taxes and slow shipping. I just got mine on Monday, but the production date was November 12, 2109 (2019/12/11 on birth certificate). Slow distribution, or maybe someone in Allendale misplaced a box in November?
  3. Thanks to posts that have encouraged vigilance on the Leica USA online website... just ordered mine and have it confirmed for shipping. Having done my due diligence with a LensRentals body and decided to buy an SL2 for my M and R glass, I called US dealers and then checked the Leica USA online site most days for two weeks. One popped up this afternoon at Leica USA, and I wasted no time. It is interesting to me that with the SL2, Leica has trickled out bodies pretty thoroughly via its proprietary channels, whereas my normal sources in Hong Kong and the Netherlands are still waiting.
  4. If you appreciate the 80/1.9, I expect you will find the 65/2.8 to be very special vs any other lens.
  5. Interesting! I have been looking on leicacamera.us over the past week, and the SL2 is listed consistently as back-ordered. You found it available on Monday, or had you signed up for notifications beforehand?
  6. Very helpful posts from #32 onwards. This explains why several bodies with higher res EVF , including Hasselblad, evidence the degraded image under magnification AND why Jono did not see it with his proto SL2. Jono posted that he essentially shoots only .jpg. So until Leica gets around to a firmware fix (perhaps after it rolls out its wristwatch line 😩), one needs to shoot RAW+JPEG with the SL2, just to get the MF magnification function running correctly...?
  7. Good to read! Maybe Lensrentals got an early bad one (my first X1D was a total disaster that had to rebuilt in Gothenburg). I shot my 65mm at 100% zoom, which pops crisply on the X1D EVF. I also see that Jono found no problem with MF on M lenses with the SL2 proto he worked with in his review. My fingers are crossed.
  8. FWIW, the Blad X1D II shows the same sort of defect in its "higher resolution" EVF, when used with magnification for MF. I was very surprised to find focusing easier with my old X1D than the "improved" body. I assumed Hasselblad had just shipped out not-ready-for-prime-time bodies in desperation. I just rented an SL2 to test with my M lenses, but reads like this processing bug may be across manufacturers... darn!
  9. Have you shot much with the HasseNoct? Can you compare its characteristics to the other XCD lenses? Did you have to work out for a few months before taking it out for a shoot? Curious on both points 😄
  10. Yes, my 65mm is superior in every way to the (early) 45mm XCD I sold long ago. Close focus is excellent, colors are vivid and central sharpness/ micro contrast are equal to Leica APO 50 I think. I just shoot the 65mm XCD wide open, unless closer than 1m. The 65mm renders more smoothly than the 90mm XCD, and organic shapes pop out naturally. To me, shapes come out as nicely as a Noctilux 50/1, but of course much much more crisply. In Leicaspeak, I would say the 65mm XCD flows like a Mandler lens, whereas the 30mm and 90mm have that hardness apparent in many of the Karbe team lenses.
  11. I would just go with the 65mm and call it a day. The 90mm XCD is nice, but you do see the compression of the focal length. Trying to follow up on Tom0511 very insightful comments, I would agree that XCD are "sharper" than many Leica M lenses of similar focal length. But rendering is not as good, other than the 65mm. For example, I prefer the look of my Elmarit-M 24mm ASPH to my "sharper" XCD 30mm. But the deciding factor for me has been the exceptional color and plasticity of the XCD files. M files are very good, but the XCD files are just a cut above.... often, no changes to color
  12. Try out the XCD 65mm, and I expect you will be fully satisfied. Rendering is lovely, close focus superb, and open or down 1/2-stop the aperture reflection into your bokeh is just as round as you APO 50 Summicron. My conclusion is that even the weaker XCD lenses (i.e., 45mm) are not soft, but the slow capture system in the X1D and demands of a 50Mp sensor bring no margin for error in your triggering technique.
  13. I purchased mine (new old stock) from Gilbert about five years ago. It remains my favorite lens!! Rendering of organic shapes, like people, is really good if you are careful to keep those shapes within the central 50% of the frame. The lens performs beautifully on both the M10 and X1D (so no worries with the 24 Elmarit when Leica comes out with the 47Mp M11). BTW, the Leica shade is dorky. Thorsten makes a really nice brass, screw in model that I am very happy with... not cheap, but very good. Enjoy your new favorite lens!
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