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  1. I know this guy is controversial but he took it to another level: https://overgaard.dk/Thorsten-von-Overgaard-Gallery-Store-5G-Protection-Card.html
  2. Very brave! Well done and thank you for sharing.
  3. I have noticed some kind of lines on the images while shooting ISO 640 and above. What this might be, can be repaired and if yes, what would be the cost? Sensor was replaced in the camera in 2016.
  4. When you open the PDF document attached to my post, you can edit it and pick your items from the drop down menu and these fields will be pre-populated.
  5. I was on the phone with David Slater from Leica UK. Here is some clarification on the process of sending our gear to Germany, and back: The returns method is almost the same as before with the same UPS label service and the same repair forms.The only change is that we now need to include 3 copies of a Proforma-Invoice for customsThis is a customs requirement from January 2021. It is very important to include three copies of this form with the repair. The valuations on this from are set by WTO regulations. Failure to include this form will significantly delay the shipping.· One cop
  6. What is the cost and best place to get rangefinder calibrated on my M9? Leica London said it's 200 Euros and camera needs to send to Germany!
  7. That looks interesting. Thanks zampelis.
  8. Hi, The LCD display on my Leica Q has cracked. Leica Store Mayfair quoted £250 for repair. Anyone knows if any other place in UK would be able to do it cheaper? I've found new screen and would be willing to replace it myself as I have experience in electronic components but I have no way of replacing the leather skin cover. From what I read it cannot be removed and then re applied as it gets destroyed during removal process. Thanks
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