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  1. A boy and his dog. Leica M10R with 50 apo.
  2. Night shift. M10M with noctilux 50 0.95
  3. Fall. Leaves through a bathroom window. M10R with 50 apo. Love the way this camera looks like film, not an iPhone pic.
  4. Look closer. Sept is rutting time. Think I'll turn around. Leica M10R with 50 apo
  5. Fall in Sonoma County. Leica M10R with 50 apo
  6. Henny Penny. M10M 50 lux with yellow filter.
  7. M10M with 50 summilux, yellow filter. Clouds.
  8. San Francisco Bay. August 12, 2021. Leica SL2 with 50 noctilux
  9. Rowing and Swimming club in San Francisco. One of my favorite places on earth. Of course, wouldn't complain if the water was a tad bit warmer. South End Rowing Club, SF, CA, Leica SL2 35 SL APO
  10. Country road, take me home. Leica M10R with 50 apo
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