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  1. maybe this is the new firmware update with the self healing technology
  2. I had that coffee ring too, but it appears to dissapear if the temperature is getting warmer. Curious if it would happen again in the winter....
  3. inalux

    No Transportation

    Thanks Melka for seeing and commenting...
  4. inalux

    hes got it all

    Bravo Mellisa! I like the angle you choose and it gives more dynamic to the image!
  5. Simple, moody, good composed image Mellisa!
  6. I used my M8 on those cold days in the Netherlands few days ago, just to test the gear. I shot nearly 2 hours in the cold with snow falling down on to the camera. I hang the camera on my neck and put in the jacket if I don't use it. Put it outside if I want to shoot. So the camera is exposed to the cold only for 10-15 minutes. It survives....and it should survive. That day, everybody use plastic bags to cover their N and C cameras ....
  7. An empty street on a Sunday.....You'll never see like this in Asia. Sunday, everyday always crowded. Taken with a M8 and Elmarit-M 90mm.
  8. inalux

    No Transportation

    Thanks Louis for the comment! Have a nice holiday...
  9. Thanks Jockele! Have a nice day too...
  10. inalux

    No Transportation

    Thanks Virgil! Have nice holidays you too....I hope the snow will fall next week, because I and my wife want to visit Maastricht....
  11. Thanks Melka, Keith, Paul and Ivan for your comments! Have nice holidays!
  12. that is a very crisp picture...Happy Holidays John...
  13. I vote for no # 1 too....
  14. Stuart, I love the light, colors and composition of this pic...
  15. I like the composition and tonality Jaap....
  16. ...the first hour it is beautiful in the city, later it becomes ugly. Happy it is over and the traffic is going to be normal again. Maybe.....before New Year could be snowing again
  17. Stuart, beautifull light you had here....make the texture of the subject comes out.
  18. Thanks Melissa. The funny thing is, as I saw snow is falling on Saturday night and kept falling on Sunday morning, I know I have to take a picture from the hill in Leiden. There was always a picture in my mind on how it should like....and there was those two couples walking down the street. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010!
  19. Thanks Paul, Kirk, Michael and Luigi! Happy holidays to all of you!
  20. inalux

    No Transportation

    Thanks Ivan, Paul, Melissa and Eddie, what I personally like from this picture is the softness, 3D like and how the shadow of the bicycle rendered on the snow. The story about somebody leave the bike came just in second and I throw me on the ground, but have to step back several meter to frame the scene with a 90mm lens...Seriously, until now there are very limited transportation possibility in the Netherlands. I planned today to go to the Hague, but canceled the trip...
  21. inalux

    No Transportation

    The second time there is no or very few transportation in Holland due to snow! Ups first post w/o pic. Sorry, another try!
  22. inalux


    very good compositions Neil!
  23. Lovely pic Stuart, you need the snow from Holland
  24. very good composition, light and mood Ivan!
  25. thanks SPO....yes if this happens in Indonesia, than WE ALL have a VERY BIG PROBLEM :-) ice age is comming.... I came from Indonesia but works in Holland..
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