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  1. I got my V-Lux as I moved to a new apartment in 2016, over looking the Hudson River from Manhattan at 109St./ Riversideside Drive. Nothing but park, river and New Jersey in front of my window. I became amazed at how active the traffic on the river still is. The Hudson River was discovered by a Dutchman in 1609 and for hundreds of years the river was one of the important entries into America...it still is very active. My V-Lux and I have taken over 5000 images of the action / activity on the Hudson. Now I'm ready to publish my book "Action Along the Hudson River". It's my Leica book. I'm not home so I can not attach any images at this time, written from my tablet. Peter Brandt
  2. I've been shooting these happenings now for 5 years, and can't stop !
  3. Looking from my 10th floor window along Riverside Drive in Manhattan (NYC) I see so much action & traffic in and along side the Hudson River. This yacht is a half mile away. The V-Lux has a tremendous zoom, printed on the lens 25-400mm but in the P program it will go to 1600mm. I have over 5000 photos so far, of governmental agencies, to yachts, tug & barges, commercial fishing and anglers, kayaks, surfboarding, speed boats, ...so many uses; "Still a hi-way after 400 years"
  4. Hi, I'm new to this website; "relates to the previous one"...what previous one ? Peter NYC
  5. I am a retired Commercial photo'g, work 45 years in advertising and fashion in NYC, with Nikons, Hasselblads, and a 4x5 Cambo. This Leica has lightened my carry everywhere load !! My V-Lux 114 (now 5 years old) used to zoom from 25mm to 1600mm, something changed in my settings and now goes only to 800mm, WHAT went wrong? However; I found that its best to stop zooming at 1000mm, above that the interpolation is too noticeable. Now, in the 'P' program I get up to 400mm, with the red 'A' program the zoom extends to 800mm. I have attached a screen-capture of 2 photos in my new book "Action Along the Hudson River" that indicates the zoom extreme. First picture is of the LCD screen verifying the zoom extent, and the 2nd how that was used in my book ANYONE have an Idea in which program and/or settings I can get back....to the full range.
  6. great capture, being at the right place, right time !
  7. pointless, can not see car, too many log-ins, make it easier to participate....useless ! Peter Brandt
  8. Not sure why a monochrome camera, when you can get a minimum of 4 versions of b/w from a color camera (R,G,B plus Gray) of the same picture,..... plus the extreme of the cameras cost.
  9. maybe the extent of the blowup is part of the problem, see attached overall shot, Peter
  10. Guilty ! jpgs. If I shoot RAW, does my original DVD from the camera box give me a RAW conversion program ? I guess then I'll see what ACR is ! Peter
  11. Could you please help me, how to avoid color noise at ISO 800. Have a look at the two screen captures, first is the over all Thanksgiving dinner shot, second is a blowup of the lower part of the same photo. Is there a newer program update to lower the noise. See the mottled yellow ! My V-Lux is a 114 type. Is there a 3rd party program to smooth out the color noise? Does the latest V-Lux over come this noise issue?
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