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  1. You’re very tactful and kind. Yes. 100%. A very steep learning curve ahead. But reassuring to know I have the tools for the job… It’s an entirely new experience for me.
  2. Took the plunge. My 1st day with it. In fact my first day shooting with a rangefinder. I have fallen completely in love. Luckily I have an understanding fiancée. On my way to Leica for a one on one class. I feel like I have finally found *my* camera. Thank you all for such helpful advice. And apologies for the compressed image. It's just a new feeling for me to see quite so many shades of black and white straight out of a camera...
  3. I make it around 1750 below retail - Berlin and Spain are 8350 and 8250 respectively. Not quite sure how they’re doing this rate but I agree. Is the 35 well suited to portraits in your experience? I mean if you were to buy one lens would it be the 35 instead of a 50 or even a 90?
  4. Thank you. Very prepared to learn and practise and refine. And, given my other cameras, very happy with B&W. I think it will be a great discipline and help me expand my creative horizons. And yes I was leaning to the 35, although given it will be a 50/50 split between street and portraits I am still not quite convinced yet.
  5. Got an email from my local Leica store yesterday offering this. Brand new, boxed, sealed. It seems an incredible offer to me. Sadly I just bought Q2 Daniel Craig edition a few weeks ago which now I kind of regret (it will be tricky to sell I imagine). But that apart, I am struggling to think of a reason to not pull the trigger (it will be my first ever M!) Am I mistaken or is €6,500 a terrific deal for this beautiful camera? (I am really asking you all to give me permission to treat myself 😳) And now the 35 or 50mm internal debate…
  6. Bumping this out of necessity. Just sold my SL2 and have the SL2-S arriving Monday (scored a slightly miraculous 15% discount 😶). I want a 50mm but simply can’t decide between the 1.4 and the 2. Size isn’t really an issue as I have a Hasselblad X1D ii for walkabout with 45 and 90 xcd lenses. The only L mount lenses I have are the Sigma 45/85DG Art and the Sigma 100-400. All terrific but I feel like a Leica 50mm is worth the investment. Given that it will be for both landscape and portraits, do any of you much wiser souls have an opinion between the summicron and summilux? Image quality is m
  7. Mine just arrived. It is a beauty. Best thing is that they appear to have fixed that ridiculous lens cap 😂
  8. I think I’m going to pull the plug and get this. Will give away my current Q2 and use my SL2 for when shooting colour. I’ve never had a monochrom before and this seems like the one to get - my existing Q2 is fenomenal. Wincing slightly at the price...
  9. James1975


    I also ordered this. Arrived within 3 days and fits like a glove. Solid, top quality and a huge improvement to what leica bundles with the Q2.
  10. So helpful. Thank you. I am much clearer now.
  11. Thank you in advance. I shoot in DNG with JPG in monochrome (all saved to SD1). The problem I am having is that with this profile the LCD screen, EVF and the reviews are always in B&W and I can’t find a way to change this so that previews, EVF and LCD are in colour. Unless I change the jpg settings to STD. when they import to lightroom both colour and B&W are there. But I can’t access from the SL2. What am I dong wrong?!
  12. I got it yesterday and also bought the Vario Elmarit 24-90 lens. I’m coming from the Q2. I wonder if someone here would be kind enough to offer a quick cheat/guide as to the best menu settings for portrait and landscape photography. I’m finding that photos aren’t showing the kind of details that I expected when imported into Lightroom. When I zoom in on the imported dng file there isn’t the clarity I would like (skin tone for example gets blurry very quickly upon cropping). Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. I have tried in full auto and also tweaking ISO/AF etc but I can’t find the sweet spot
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