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  1. I actually thought that as usual, their presentation was fair and appropriate. Yes they are Leica Dealers and are going to be biased but I find them incredibly dedicated and providing a unique service to the Leica community that I bet most never buy from them. My only concern with the presentation was it wasn't a real apples to apple comparison. For example, the ONLY real apples to apples between the 24-90 and 24-70 was at 24 where the test occurred for both at F2.8 and as they said, the Sigma/Leica may have been a little sharper. At the other focal lengths the "wide open" 24-90 was actu
  2. I was going to recommend the 400 DO as well. One of my favorite lenses of all time.
  3. I treated myself to a 35 SL APO for my 68th birthday last month and also have 24-90. I was debating whether to get the SL version or the M version for a smaller rig but decided on the SL. Only been testing it and am very impressed. Getting ready for my trek out to MT and really can't wait. This and my 21 SEM will be my go to for the next 4 months.
  4. Boy would I love a 300 or 400 F4 APO fixed prime.
  5. Now you are my kind of person. The logic absurd but I understand it. LOL.
  6. Agree. I have a Q2 and if I had an M, no doubt I would dump the Q2 for the 28 lux. Everyone tries to make the Q2 sound like its a good alternative for the 28 lux, which it is for someone like me who has a SL2 but if I had the M the Q2 would be gone in a minute.
  7. I went around in circles on this. I listened to everyone on these threads, had my finger ready to push the trigger on more lenses than I care to admit to in the B&H and/or Adorama basket and for my purposes I finally said to myself, yes, the SL16-35 would be the lens of choice in wide angle for the SL2, the WATE gives more options in the M lens wide angle "zoom" type lens, your R21-35 likewise a legitimate consideration as were some of the Sigma, especially their 24mm. I finally just took a step back and said, I shoot at 21 for most of what I looking for, need a lightweight alternativ
  8. Thanks and why I picked it as my landscape choice. Where I am going I need something like this.
  9. Thanks. Yes I am doing some tests at parfocal at F8 as well as invoking some "closeup" just to test focus peaking the latter I will rarely use. My real use for this lens is strictly landscape. I am hoping to do the China Wall in MT weather permitting and decided I really want a 21 and SL2 and as lightweight as possible. 21 has always been my favorite focal length for landscape and looking through the options just decided to pull the trigger. Who knows, maybe I will go back or add an M10 or M11 in the future. As I said, few things in photography are as thrilling as holding M lenses.
  10. I took A plunge. Looked at my prior images and realize I shoot most of my landscapes at 21. Sweet spot for me and I need something now as I am off to shoot in a couple of weeks out west (in America). Decided on the 21 mm SEM with Leica adapter. Love the fit. Just got it and will go out and shoot some test shots. It's been awhile since I had any M lenses and forget just how beautifully made they are (not that the SL lenses aren't). Given I have an SL35 APO, SL 24-90 I decided to go with very small and 21mm SEM.
  11. Yes, I went to their website. Thanks. I enjoy DXO Photolab for all my other images from many cameras in the past. Hopefully they will update it for SL2, etc.
  12. Thanks. I did that with the original DXO Photolab when I got my SL2 last May. Still waiting. I wasn't sure if this Raw had some support.
  13. Does it have modules for SL2 and lenses?
  14. Well I already have a 24-90 and a 35 APO, love both. I just figured given they have the 24-90 more resources better spent on wide angle primes but I understand your point and don't disagree. My "personal preference" would be a 21 APO prime. I may decide to give the Sigma 14-24 F2.8 a try this summer.
  15. Leica will soon announce the new VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 24–70mm f/2.8 ASPH. – L mount system camera rumors and news (l-rumors.com) Just a rumor, but I was REALLY hoping for a 21 or 24 prime APO. Let's see
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