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  1. I wasn’t implying the lens was lacking in the sense you imply My comments where around the OP’s requirements in that he already has the 28 Lux and his primary consideration at the start of the thread was around size and weight. So for the OP such a lens (28mm Summicron) would be in the ‘middle ground’ between these two. Conversely if the OP had no 28’s and wanted something of a reasonable size then of course the f2 or 2.8’s would probably be the best choice in that scenario. Looking at the thread above and the OP’s comment it seems that thought resonated but as I said it is of course ver
  2. Hi Steven - I've been there in the 28mm world and personally if you already have the 28 Lux then I'd just go straight to the Summaron, it has really character and you'll clearly find it very different to the Lux. The 28mm 2.8 is to my mind a good all rounder but I can't really get passionate about it the same way as I do with these two!! From your posts I don't think you want the 'average' version As size is your primary issue then the Summaron is really the only currently available Leica lens that makes an M coat pocketable, it's also a fabulous lens for the film M's also. The 28mm f2
  3. Just a thought Denis but how about just getting the new Voigtlander 35mm f2 APO and perhaps adding the 50mm as well, two stunning lenses and I’m a Leica lens guy most of the time!!
  4. I think it's a great move in terms of Leica creating a 'premium kit' lens option for the buyers of an SL2 or SL2-S, it gives people a significant discount on the standalone price so it appears very affordable and closer to the Sigma's and Panasonic's and perhaps allows people to buy an SL APO prime with some of the money that save on buying the 24-90. Many existing owners of the SL line probably have the 24-90 already, as I do, so I'm not sure it would appeal to many as a standalone purchase though. However, if you you look at it from a new SL2 or SL2-S users point of view a) buy the kit
  5. I think this element is a good strategy for Leica as effectively a kit lens that's not priced too far above the Sigma when purchased this way. Standalone though you might as well buy the Sigma
  6. I have the same issue on my SL2-S with v2 in that it doesn't show the Profile number selected in the Quick Menu or the active Profile in the Profiles Menu. I seem to remember that this functioned this way originally on both my SL2 and then my current SL2-S. It's annoying because when you come back to the camera it's not clear what Profile is actually set.
  7. Thanks you again Jono for another excellent review. I can't help but think that this reviews shows in many ways how close the Japanese manufactures have got with the top of the line lenses v Leica; as a re-badged Sigma it sort of showed how close this lens is to the 24-90, however, I still prefer the Leica 24-90 to the Sigma but the one thing that did catch my eye is the lens hood which I might well buy if possible. Sort of ironic really!!! If I were buying my SL2 and SL2-S again today though I'd certainly buy the kit and in that form it's a very attractive price for a Leica body and
  8. I think this is the crux of it and it looks like Leica is moving into the realm’s of, what is for them, a kit lens to go with the either the SL2-S or SL2 or both. In this way I imagine the bundle will of course be priced less than buying the items separately. However, trying to differentiate between the new lens and the Sigma, for this price differential, I think is going to be a tough gig and then of course you have the even cheaper Sigma 28-70 and the Panasonic 20-60. Perhaps it would have made more sense to have taken the Panasonic 24-105 f4 and have done the same makeover to that lens?
  9. SJH

    M10 User Profiles

    Thank you all and understood!!
  10. Funny enough I use my 28mm Summaron just like a ‘point and shoot’ - I set it to f8 on either my M10M or M10R and off you go. The Summilux is for a more ‘deliberate approach but I really like what these two lenses offer i.e. the most compact 28mm, with a vintage feel, for spontaneous street shooting etc and then the 1.4 for that unique cinematic look that I couldn’t get with the Q2. My GRIII just goes with me when I want to be ultra light and have AF & Snap focus.
  11. SJH

    M10 User Profiles

    Thanks for your replies appreciated and I’m not going mad therefore and it is 4!! I think the technical authors of the M10M and M10R manuals have got confused with the SL2/SL2-S as of course those camera’s have six!!
  12. Both my M10R & M10M manuals appear to show the facility for up to 6 User Profiles to be saved plus the default, however, both camera's appear to allow only 4 to be saved? Could someone confirm that this is correct (e.g. it was changed to 4 in a firmware update) as I've not really used them much before (even with my previous M10P). All I can seem to save a Profile to is Users 1-4? Thanks
  13. For me I did the same, short answer I had a Q and a Q2 but sold both and have a GRIII to add to my M10R, M10M, MP and SL2-S/SL2. Why? - well the Q2 was an unhappy middle ground, not really a compact camera to go in a coat pocket, why not just take the SL’s with the 35mm APO as a better all round camera and not much bigger and when wanting to slow down well that’s the M’s (with say the 28mm Summilux etc). Best pocket camera for when shooting isn’t the priority, well that’s the GRIII. I’d say 85% the IQ of a Q2 but you’ll use it far more and you can take it along with an M with the 28mm 1.4 with
  14. Very interesting summary and I FYI hear that the latest update for the X100v allows RAW on the digital zoom plus ND filter for video. Snapchick on YouTube did a very interesting comparison on the Q2 v X100V and the Q2 came out on top but close, interested to hear your thoughts.
  15. I agree with you Jeff on this on the basis that we have one limited information rumour of an M11 and off we go, let’s face it an M11 will obviously come at some point over the next couple of years so it’s pretty easy to roughly put a ‘spec’ together as a tenuous rumour, as an individual, to pass on to anyone who will listen. We’ve already seen speculation of an SL 24-70 2.8 and then another of a 28-70 2.8 for realise this month so it will be interesting to see if this materialises and if so in what form for example. The CL2 rumours and associated spec have been talked about for some time
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