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  1. I have the Matt Black Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH on my M11 and very happy with it - the built in hood is also a nice touch. Whilst I also have lenses like the 35mm f2 APO and Noctilux 50mm 1.2, I really like this 28mm lens on my M11. Not easy to find now as limited to 450 but the same optics as the standard Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH so just as good to buy that one new or used for a good price.
  2. I use my Q2R a lot (travel, Caribbean, heavy rain, documentary stuff etc) and the finish does seem very durable. Very grippy and more resistant to scratches than my original Q.
  3. Thanks for this really appreciated - great image in the second shot. I think it looks like a good viable option now if you want longer reach than the 90-280 SL (with adapter options as well) and not the bulk off the 150-600. I'm warming more and more to the Sigma DG DN lenses now, I've just acquired the 35mm 1.4 and 85 1.4, whilst my SL lenses are excellent the margins are now very close.
  4. Thanks for posting this and given all the noise about people moving to the 150-600 when it came out (the serious wildlife shooters) I'd rather dropped the idea of getting this lens. However, it does seem to offer a decent performance now looking at your shots and do people feel it makes for a good relatively lightweight alternative to the 90-280 now with better reach, plus the option of an extender to go to 560 if needed? For hiking and a general super zoom it seems to be a better option than lugging the 150-600 around if your not an out and out wildlife photographer?
  5. Thanks for your comments on the ‘tight’ opening of the lens hood and yes now I’ve been using it for a day it has already loosened up, still tight but nothing like it first was. It’s a really nice lens.
  6. Just received mine and it really is an excellent lens and beautiful design, the only thing is that I find the lens hood to be quite stiff when retracting it, have others found this? Or is this just something that 'happens' with a new lens and it loosens up over time?
  7. I can understand that but even with Leica I don’t think there will be much of a difference in relative value retention with digital bodies in terms of the M10R BP and the new M11. In simple terms the BP looks ‘better’ but an older body v the M11 and future. Probably equal depreciation once (or maybe worse on the BP) we’re away from the initial launch of both camera’s.
  8. I purchased a M10R BP knowing that the M11 was coming, my thoughts at the time were that I'd wait for the M11P. I lasted all of about 4 or 5 days before I bought the M11 and I'm very glad I did, much as I liked the BP at the end of the day the M11 (in my view) is a better camera for all the reasons you're no doubt aware of now. So to me I realised I had the BP for aesthetic reasons rather than functional, which at the end of the day didn't make sense to me anymore. Given the scarcity of the BP I sold it for a minimal loss (more like a rental) and I'm really delighted with my M11. However, if you just like the looks as almost a fashion statement (v the functional improvements with the M11) I can understand that but if buying new they're pretty much the same price so it would seem the practical choice to go with the M11.
  9. Thanks for the update and great news for me (and many others I suspect!!).
  10. Morning All - I’m away at the moment so can’t update my M11 but does anyone know if this is issue has been fixed in the new firmware, highly irritating when I was out shooting in the Caribbean last month!!!
  11. SJH

    M11 Grip in Silver?

    I use both a wrist and shoulder strap when I have the grip on, so you'd be all good to go. I use Peak Design anchors with leather wrist/shoulder strasp but I don't think it matters as the eyelet is available just like it is without the grip on.
  12. Just got back from a trip and after using my M11 extensively perhaps not surprisingly I have a dust spot on the sensor. I'm absolutely fine with sensor cleaning on my Leica's but given recent idiosyncrasies, like the latest firmware bricking, I thought I'd just check in to see if anyone has completed this but would like to make us all aware of any things to look out for with the new shutter etc. I've checked the manual and all very similar to the M10 series in many respects. Loving the M11 overall such a great upgrade in a number of ways for me. Thanks
  13. SJH

    M11 Grip in Silver?

    Thanks All and I ended up getting the black grip and looks pretty good with my silver M11, works very well on the Peak Design Carbon tripod.
  14. I had the same issue with these Lexar cards 2 years ago, email them and you should be able to get FOC replacements and I’ve had no problems since. I think they did have an issue with this and will replace them no questions asked. Quick turnaround and happy with them now.
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