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  1. Macbook Pro of 15 inch screen or less has a built -in card-reader. Is yours an old one, or a 17"?
  2. Great idea, count me in. --Ron
  3. Ronners


    In Auckland. Reminds me of a migraine I once had
  4. This site is inspirational, in its design and execution, and especially in its content.
  5. I can confirm that it is indeed compatible. I have a USB adapter to read SC cards and the 4 GB cards cannot be used with it. If you fill the SDHC card, the Dlux3 takes the best part of 30 minutes to upload. In operation the card is fine.
  6. I wanted to try Aperture because of the connectivity to other Apple applications. I have read that different manufacturers have different standards for keywords - it is not like EXIF data. I believe that Aperture keywords would work in iPhoto and other apps. I had loaded some DLux 3 images into Lightroom because until recently Aperture didn't support that camera. Now I wished to transfer the images.... You can export from Lightroom all your keywords, and nested hierarchy to an RTF file, and you can import this hierarchy into Aperture. You can't import all the pictures a
  7. Hello I often visit this site for the pictures, but also for the work-throughs on calibration, and colour calibration at print time. The calibration tutorial using Colorsync has some recommendations regarding gamma. He likes 2.2 even on a Mac. He mentions a software product called Supercal, which I used and it seemed OK. For what its worth, I use the standard calibration on both my Apple cinema display and on my Powerbook, and I keep the gamma at 1.8 if I experiment with different calibrations. I am considering a hardware calibrator that I think would be a bit more scientifi
  8. Bought one 2 weeks ago. Have had no trouble, and I am very pleased with the calibration and the way the PS plugin works. I use it as a network printer, and it is also easy to set up with Office and other apps. There was one driver update for the HP, and the driver has some neat options for printing greeting cards etc. - which the family rather like. Previously I had an Epson 935, which always needed the heads cleaning and spread ink on the rollers after only 1 year. The HP also produces real edge - to -edge pictures, which the Epson couldn't do. I use a Mac. Maybe the Epson dri
  9. I imported photos from a D-lux 3, by just telling Lightroom to import.... It imported only the RAW files -- which is exactly what I wanted. The files were all on a DVD, and I specified that that is where they should stay. This means that I can browse the library of pictures, but only open them when the DVD is mounted. It will however let me do slideshows, without mounting, but printing requires the DVD mounted. The reason I have tried this is to manage my storage better, and not clog up my drives with files I probably don't need all the time. Now I'm worried in case the DVD gets co
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