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  1. I love the look of this, but not gonna let this pry my paws away from my wonderful original Q2…
  2. You will love shooting with the Q2. I do!
  3. Happy New Year to you all from my Leica Q2, finished on Capture One
  4. I purchased a Q2 just before my last trip to Europe, Wanting a small form factor. i found the Q2 extremely satisfying. It’s lens and sensor are wonderful , it’s eqsy to carry and unobtrusive. And shooting a Leica is satisfying in every way. Extra battery and memory cards are a must! Enjoy your journey with a Leica!
  5. It would be interesting to show side by side comparisons of images taken by Q2 set to output in monochrome and Q2-M haa anyone done that yet?
  6. Leica Q2 ISO400, 1/1600, f6.3 "Volcanic Island Awakens"
  7. "I will take the stairs..." Q2 ISO100, 1/60th, f8
  8. Santorini Q2 ISO 50, 1/125th, f10 Processed in Capture One
  9. Q2 ISO50, 1/125th f16 Finished in Capture One
  10. Q2, ISO 50, 1/60th, f1.7 Finished and color grade in Capture One
  11. "Aquarelles" in Santorini Q2, ISO 50, 1/60th f3.5 Finished and color graded in Capture One
  12. the moire pattern is not what i would hope for
  13. Nice capture. I’m wondering if this is SOOC, or if you enhanced in post. One of the things I want the dynamic range . I see some detail in the blacks, but in some places it’s lost. i have the Q2 and am thinking about a Q2M, wondering if there is a necessity to expose for the highlights with the Q2M, as opposed to the blacks.
  14. nice memories and congratulations! if i had pulled out a camera on my wedding day, i think i would have been served divorce papers by the end of the day.... (haha)
  15. The Royal Palace at Caserta ISO 100, 1/250th, f5 Finished in Capture One 21. This is the color edit, of the B&W previously posted.
  16. i have the same image that I processed in Capture One for color... will post that one tomorrow...
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