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  1. I love the look of this, but not gonna let this pry my paws away from my wonderful original Q2…
  2. Happy New Year to you all from my Leica Q2, finished on Capture One
  3. I purchased a Q2 just before my last trip to Europe, Wanting a small form factor. i found the Q2 extremely satisfying. It’s lens and sensor are wonderful , it’s eqsy to carry and unobtrusive. And shooting a Leica is satisfying in every way. Extra battery and memory cards are a must! Enjoy your journey with a Leica!
  4. It would be interesting to show side by side comparisons of images taken by Q2 set to output in monochrome and Q2-M haa anyone done that yet?
  5. Leica Q2 ISO400, 1/1600, f6.3 "Volcanic Island Awakens"
  6. "I will take the stairs..." Q2 ISO100, 1/60th, f8
  7. Santorini Q2 ISO 50, 1/125th, f10 Processed in Capture One
  8. Q2 ISO50, 1/125th f16 Finished in Capture One
  9. Q2, ISO 50, 1/60th, f1.7 Finished and color grade in Capture One
  10. "Aquarelles" in Santorini Q2, ISO 50, 1/60th f3.5 Finished and color graded in Capture One
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