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  1. jdlaing

    To Use a Half Case or Not To Use

    eBay sells them too.
  2. jdlaing

    Desirable Leica Legacy Lenses

    Why be picky. Collect them all.
  3. jdlaing

    New Voigtlander 21mm 3.5 Color Skopar

    IBERIT lenses come with coding pits on the flange as well.
  4. jdlaing

    Doors. Open thread

  5. jdlaing

    Towers: Open thread

  6. jdlaing

    M10 - calibration

    Adjusting the rangefinder has no effect on the warranty.
  7. jdlaing

    Disasters with an M 10 or M 240/246

    Oh hell no. They just won’t admit it.
  8. jdlaing

    Two lens kit travel combo

    But he’d only be able to use two of the three. It’s a thread about two lens travel kits. (I wouldn’t be without my MATE)
  9. jdlaing

    M system spare battery?

    From the user manual:
  10. jdlaing

    M10 Thumbs up + EVF

    Look up at post #3. Ask that poster, 250swb, where you can get an El Cheapo Thumbie grip. He might know.
  11. jdlaing

    M system spare battery?

    A spare battery is an excellent idea. If a battery should go bad, for whatever reason. You are not out of business.
  12. jdlaing


    M-240P, Iberit 75mm
  13. jdlaing

    Tis the Season

    M-240P, Iberit 75mm
  14. Quite simple really. You send an email to Leica with the serial number and they answer you whether it is a new sensor or not.
  15. jdlaing

    M10 M-D

    No. You crank the lever like any other film M.