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  1. Panasonic GX8 battery works fine in my CL
  2. No, just the guidelines for the crop. It would be nice to have the crop full screen, but you do get used to the guidelines.
  3. Thank you, It was not clear to me what “perspective control” was. Now I know.
  4. Perspective control, is this aspect ratio?
  5. Yes, it was included with the firmware update
  6. Hello, my first post on this forum! Leica Q2 JPG straight out of the camera are excellent (in my opinion) and I'm very happy with them. I have an on-line smugmug album here; and if you browse for Norway, all these are JPG's OOC taken with the Q2 (apart from the snow mobile images). also, my Lockdown Project - Spring Flowers are all Q2 OOC JPG's Not sure what happened to the link...: Glenn
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