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  1. I got mine to use on M3 etc, and the lens head on short mount and adapters on digital stuff, works fine. Gerry
  2. Next on to Boston, Mass, and to Washington DC, currently a centre of interest!
  3. Home by the scenic route, 'I've gone to look for America' part 1 In 1969 I had been living in Montreal, Quebec (working for the Leica dealer), for more than two years. I decided to return home to England via 'the scenic route' as they say. First stage was to cross the US to spend some time with my elder sister living in California. So, as the song says I boarded a Greyhound bus (actually a feeder at first, Vermont Transit Lines) and headed first for Boston, Mass. then on to Washington DC via New York. In the camera bag were the two Leica M3 cameras, 35/2, 50/2.8, 90/2.8 and 135/4. 20 rol
  4. I thought this was 'a good idea' when Jaap started the thread, for reasons to do with health and preoccupation with getting to grips with digital it's taken me a while to get round to doing anything, but self isolation has provided the impetus to get on with scanning the slides. The photos which follow were taken with a camera outfit I had bought the previous year (1968) and it's sad in a way that this could be considered 'vintage'. But it's grown old more graciously than I have, I bought 2 M3s, 35/2, 50/2.8, 90/2.8 and 135/4, and still have one camera and three of the lenses, I acquired the
  5. The Leica III I inherited from my wife's 'uncle' (actually a close friend of her father) has been 'in the family' since bought new in 1938. It came with just such a box, and it was full of film canisters which had the developed rolls rolled up inside them, as far as I know all that were taken with the camera pre WWII. I did make contact sheets a long while ago, nothing spectacular, I must get round to scanning them sometime. Gerry
  6. Bradford used to be a bit of a stuffy camera showroom, but its gone to be a cross between a badly curated gallery and a theme park. The Cité du Train in Mulhouse has a beautiful but dusty old display hall with a wonderful curved wood roof, and a new tin shed full of exhibits akin to Madame Tussauds. Museum design and management is a branch of the theatre now, regrettably. Gerry
  7. There was a brief discussion of this on another forum (Fuji) by the man who catalogued it after he died. Apparently passed on by the RPS to the National Museum in Bradford, but regrettably not now on display, it's all gone trendy and old cameras are non PC Gerry
  8. Yes, that's the date on my profile, but I'd had the M6 3 years by then and 'retired' with it. Maybe I was just a guest before but I didn't think so. Gerry
  9. I've been around since the old 'official' Leica days but can't remember exactly when although pretty sure it was a bit before I retired in 2003, mainly a lurker at the moment, but I keep promising myself to get out the remaing Leicas and use some film Happy birthday to all, any excuse for a celebration! Gerry
  10. The question was what the part was, which we have attempted to answer, it's relevance to the camera was not actually asked, if it is for an uncoupled clip on meter then its relevant, just as my VCII will fit on my III. Gerry
  11. Looks like the diffuser which was on my Leicameter MC when I had it Gerry
  12. 'Proper' Ltm to M adapters have a cutout so that the infinity lock on such lenses drops into it. Presumably you have a non Leica or Voigtlander one, both of which work ok but I can't vouch for any of the many cheap ripofs Gerry
  13. Back in 1963 I swopped a IIf for a Pentax S1a, mainly because I needed to do some motor racing photography (paid work) and they are fine cameras. I moved on to M3 and eventually Nikon later, via Olympus etc. I still have an S1a and a few lenses, 35mm though is a bit of a problem, the 3.5 Takumar is not so good, I have tried mine out on FullFrame and aps-c, like most of the early small max aperture lenses, and I doubt the 35/2 is as good as the Nikon or Canon alternatives, and none of them are IMHO as good as the Voigtlander LTM lenses. Cheap yes, but for a reason. The 55s are good snd the
  14. I don't think you'll find a better modern 35mm lens than the 2.5 Voigtlander, you will, probably have to pay £250 for it but I doubt you'll find a good modern lens for less than that for any camera. Nikon 35mm f/2s AiS lenses will fetch that, and you'll need a Nikon body to put it on, the 2.8 Nikon 35 is not in the same league. Canon and minolta slr lensesmight be a bit cheaper but again you'll need the f/2 versions to be top quality and they wont be cheap. A really cheap lens is usually that way because neither collectors NOR users want it! A lot of what is written about old slr lenses I
  15. It wasn't too obvious, just sometimes when the light struck it in a particular way it looked like the plating was wearing through along the edge corners on the top and base plate, but it wasn't brass underneath (alloy of some sort?) so didn't show so clearly Gerry
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