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  1. gyoung

    New Leica R4

    Mine (30 yrs ago) was over 1600... and it still gave LOTS of trouble.... Gerry
  2. gyoung

    Exposing for Highlights

    Constant + exposure compensation is an oversimplstic approach, need to learn about how the scene is lit and is measured and what you are trying to achieve on your recording media, whether film or digital. Knowing how your meter works is a fundamental part of learning a camera. With my M6, and with my M3 with MC, MR and Voigtlander meters when faced with a scene with a lot of sky or water it was necessary to exclude those overbright areas from the measurement, and it isn't any different with my Nikons either. If you have an evenly lit scene its a different story. The meter expects a roughy 18% reflectance and if it doesn't get it it will mislead, just bear that in mind. Incident meters are the best but as mentioned above they need intelligent interpretation on occasions! Gerry
  3. I have a couple of Nikon to M adapters, used on digital cameras, on the Sony A7 I had the M ount adapter was on the camera all the time as Iostly used M lenses on it, and the occasional F mount lens had the F to M adapter on all the time. I had to shim them to get the correct 'thickness' Gerry
  4. gyoung

    Summicron 50mm f2 rigid (V2)

    I've had one for 30 years, wonderful lens, the sharpest 50mm I have ever used at large apertures, across the frame. Better than 2 nikon 50/1.8s, and a a 1.4 ais, better than an Olympus 50 1.4, and a Pentax 55/2, 1.8, and 50/1.7. And lovely rendering in colour and monochrome. Gerry
  5. gyoung

    Summilux-M 50mm

    Time Left: 5 days and 13 hours

    • For Sale
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    Summilux-M 50mm, excellent condition, includes Leica E46 UVa filter, back and front caps, box, pouch and instructions. Also included is a 3rd party E46 vented lens hood. Price is in UK pounds.

    1,495.00 EUR

  6. gyoung

    Summicron asph 35mm

    Time Left: 5 days and 13 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Summicron-M aspheric 35mm, excellent condition, includes Leitz E39 UVa filter, back cap, lens hood and hood cap. Note that hood is modified to have 'window' cut-out in top corner, as per other Leica lenses, to allow view through by viewfinder, see photo. Price is in UK pounds.

    1,295.00 EUR

  7. gyoung

    Congratulation for the new site

    Certainly looks good on my phone! Thanks!
  8. I did see the joke, and I thought I was being a bit ironic! One of the difficulties of international forums :-( As for cameras with TL lenses, you'll soon have allsorts of japanese 'competition'. Oh, wait, aren't the lenses already being made by someone in japan? Someone who is probably part of the L alliance? Someone with less reputation for manufacturing quality than Fuji perhaps? And selling for 3x the price of the equivalent Fuji lens? Off to start the Sunday dinner now, affairs of the stomach are more urgent! Gerry
  9. No problem about that surely? magnificent lenses but they dont work well on anyone elses cameras? Just need more of them both variety and quantity it seems. If your favourite manufacturer doesn't make a camera that suits you, you have to look elsewhere, with digital it seems native lenses largely work better than adapted ones, I spent a long time trying to find a way to make short M lenses work with cameras that suit me with compromises on both sides. The longer ones mostly work ok with anything. And plenty of people get good results from the Xtrans sensor, if you can't then is the army out of step with you? or the other way round. Gerry
  10. I have an Xpro2, which is an excellent implimentation of the sort of optical finder I have loved to use with M3 and M6ttl for 50 years, and a very good (if not the best) evf. Nothing else will give you that combination. I have the 14/2.8, a very good lens for sharpness across the frame at f/4. And little or no distortion, without software correction. 23 and 35 f/2, again excellent sharpness across the frame, the sort of performance I have been used to with Summicrons on film, and better than I ever got from, for instance, Nikon and Olympus equivalents in mf on film (I haven't tried Nikon's latest 1.8s) 60/2.4 is again excellent, although af is slow and noisy. 18-55 and 55-200 again are at least as good as any other zooms I have tried, and of decent aperture. The 18-55 is only just discernibly not as good as the primes, the long one is a fair bit better than my rather ancient 80-200 2.8 Nikon fit lens. All are excellently built and render well. You can get all these now, no 'jam tomorrow' as with either the CL/TL or the sony aps-c system. Gerry
  11. Exactly, much more on the spirit of the Ms I have loved in film days. I have never needed 1.4, and Fuji has the f/2s of excellent quality, and compact and light. The CL looks good, but its years later than others have done, and I gave up waiting, and dtill a long way to go to catch up with lenses like the Fuji 14mm and the 'kit' zooms. Gerry
  12. gyoung

    Filters for old Leica Lenses

    Regarding the 15mm Heliar, it depends on the model. I believe the later ones take screw in filters but the original ltm one doesn't. There is no thread. I adapted a Cokin system holder to slip over the hood, so I could use colour correction filters with colour film. Not nedeed now on digital, but doesnt help for an M8. I hope yours is a later one! Gerry
  13. I used this all the time with the M6 and 21, external optical finder and scale focussing for landscapes outdoors is quick and easy. I still sometimes use the 21 finder on the Xpro2 with the 14 like this, on mf using the scale. Gerry
  14. Well I shan't part with my 21/4, it fits nicely on the III :-) Gerry
  15. Question is are they for digital sensors? I presume they are, redesigned as the old designs didn't do so well as on film. Gerry