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  1. Thanks again for all comments. I want you to know that my Q2 is my first Leica and from the moment I picked it up I understood what was different about Leicas compared to my former Canons and Nikons. I chose the Q2 because of its excellent EVF, because I am struggling with macular degeneration and because I can no longer carry a 40 lb backpack. The Q2 is a thing of beauty that takes great images, but only if you understand its simple controls. I apologize for entering this community on such a negative note.
  2. Thank you for the quick responses. I think it's shameless that he continues to advertise the availability of this product within 30 days, charges payment prior to shipment, and has virtually no way to communicate with (dare I use such a non-artistic word---customers). Perhaps he should change his motto to Caveat Emptor!!
  3. I ordered an Overgaard lens shade in late August and paid the additional for "expedited" shipping, but so far, nothing. After numerous attempts at contacting the organization, I finally got an email from an associate who assured me I was "on the list" and that I would receive it shortly. That was two weeks ago. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or is this unique? Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  4. I was able to just purchase one from Glazer's camera in Seattle. Free Shipping and no tax.
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