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  1. Welcome to the Leia Forum and enjoy your new camera. I should update the firmware.
  2. Road Vehicle - 1934 Bentley out for a spin today. Cheshire UK. Leica CL 35mm M Summercron
  3. Road Sign, Cheshire, UK Leica CL 18mm Elmarit TL
  4. Rosaceae ( Hawthorn ) Leica CL -35mm M Summercron
  5. Red Hot Poker - DMC LX100 Panasonic (Leica Lens)
  6. Red Leaves of Autumn . Leica CL M 35mm Summercron
  7. Robin Red Breast. DMC LX100 Panasonic (Leica Lens)
  8. R.I.P. Plemstall Church - Cheshire UK. Leica601 Sigma45mm
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