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  1. i think with these digital cameras , that they are more expensive to repair then they are worth after they are a few years old . i have a fuji x100t that has problems , and fuji wanted $700 to repair it . the price of leica m's are out of site , and so are repairs .
  2. M8 28mm elmarit . a local scene l have been looking at for 50 years , and finally photographed it .
  3. still photographing flowers . M8 90mm tele elmarit . having the crop sensor and the 90mm lens is almost like having a closeup lens . calla lily
  4. M8 with 28mm elmarit . just a slice of life in san rafael , ca .
  5. still not getting out much even though vaccinated , so i have been photographing flowers in the garden . M8 90mm elmarit f2.8
  6. M8 28mm elmarit starting to get out a bit , and found the colors and scene sort of interesting . i have really enjoyed using the M8 .
  7. when you are in the set mode and select the iso you want , you have to push the set button again to set it . when i use compensation or iso , i have often forgotten to press set again , and the camera will go back to the last setting . if you set auto , then go to menu to set max iso and slow shutter speed .
  8. M8 28mm elmarit finally got out to wander around a bit , and found this old boat .
  9. i nave had an m8 for a year or so , and it is my go to camera . i have been thinking about an m10 , but they are a bit too expensive for me . i have been following them on eBay hoping for a reasonable price . i am amazed at the huge number that are for sale . seems there are more m10's for sale then any other m model . anyone have an idea why there are so many ?
  10. aloe m8 28mm elmarit spring will be here soon
  11. thanks for your reply . i measured the original flange , and it seems the same as the coded one i am trying to use . i previously purchased a flange from the same seller for my 28mm elmarit , and it works perfectly . i was hoping that someone else might have tried using one of these chinese flanges and had the same problem and solved it .
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