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  1. Harmen, they are excellent images. I'm definitely going to enjoy this camera. Mine should be with me in January...the wrong side of Christmas, but it will still feel like Christmas Day when it arrives!
  2. Regarding the colour versus b&w debate which has reared its head a few times in this thread, some piano players get interested in synthesisers for the unbelievable amount of colours that are suddenly at their fingertips. The player ends up with banks of keyboards and sound modulators, and spends most of his formerly creative time just trying to get on top of all the millions of new parameters that are available with his new system. One day he wakes up, sighs, and sits down at the piano, and writes the most beautiful music. The restricted pallet allows his creativity to flow freely. T
  3. That's a great shot, Jono, and I'm sure it will prove itself a memorable one.
  4. Maybe if you are someone who shoots mainly colour and occasionally changes the image to b&w, the Q2M might not seem worth the expenditure. I get that. But for dedicated b&w shooters (self included), this camera is in many ways ideal: four useable focal lengths plus macro in one very good lens, and the ability to view the scene in b&w through the viewfinder, right through to final edit and print, is really superb. Colour just confuses things enormously, in my experience and work flow. The two cameras I've most enjoyed shooting in the last ten years have been the original Fuji
  5. An excellent example of why macro is not just for flowers!
  6. Wow, that's a great start! Especially when I clicked on it twice, and saw it take over my big iMac screen. Such subtle detail! Well done, both photographer and camera!
  7. No, but I did just this minute start one HERE! 🙂
  8. Ah, I thought such threads were a Moderator-level creation. Well, if no one creates one before I get my Q2M, I will certainly start one off. Cheers.
  9. There doesn't appear to be one, and I for one would be happy not to have to trawl through a generic Q2 thread looking for the Monochrom images. There must be a few people here who now have the Q2M, or like me will be getting one in the next month or so...fingers crossed!
  10. "Colour spaces sRGB" - what do they mean by that if there is no colour array? Enlighten me if I am misunderstanding something, please.
  11. For me, I can't imagine a better camera. I love fixed-lens cameras - something I discovered a decade or so ago with the Fuji X100. I love monochrome - I have the first iteration of the Leica Monochrom series. It's getting old now, but still takes great shots. The sensor problem was a pain, however. The quality of the Q2 lens and dedicated sensor is really exciting. In short, I'll be trading in a bunch of stuff I will no longer need, and I'm sure I'll be delighted with the Q2M. I briefly had the Q1, thought it a GREAT camera, but I really dislike colour photography (not every colour p
  12. Outside my house. Fog everywhere. Incredible silence, pierced by a gull's cry, or the low rumble of a train on the bridge. My kind of day! M9 Monochrom with 7Artisans 28mm 1.4 lens.
  13. Thank you. I don't do much colour photography, so when I do it's there for a reason.
  14. Cello abstractions on a rainy afternoon, when I had nothing better to do... TL2 11-23mm lens, LR6.
  15. Well, (almost) neighbour, those are fine shots indeed. I like how the sheep are all staring at you 🙂
  16. I'd like to clear up one possible misapprehension: I have nothing against tourist shots. They can be great reminders of emotional times in one's life, and I have many of them. The difference I am discussing is when you live next to a tourist hot spot, and have a preference for more personal, even experimental photography. One can either ignore the Big Thing that everyone else is photographing, or try to bring it into your own aesthetic, which can sometimes be a real challenge. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing with that challenge over the coming weeks, months and years.
  17. Yes, I've done that before, and will do so again...when the weather is better.
  18. Well, I made the original post before going to bed last night, and am gratified to see so many responses this morning. I did laugh at the thought of having a few drinks at the Hawes Inn before taking a few shots 😂 Sadly they have got rid of the RLS room, through lack of interest. For those not in the know, Robert Louis Stevenson set part of his novel, Kidnapped, in the Hawes Inn. As for the bridge not being interesting enough as a subject, I completely disagree! It's a stunning construction to take in, but it is what it is. I can see the value of Martin Parr-like images of the tour
  19. I don't know how famous the Forth Bridge near Edinburgh is, but there are hundreds of tourists taking shots of it almost every day, more in the (non-Covid) summer. Well, my wife and I just recently bought a house near the bridge - I can see it out of a few windows - and I set myself the task of avoiding tourist-like shots of the bridge. Here it is in a more normal guise, followed by a few (for me, if no one else) more interesting shots. Maybe I'll just give in and become a tourist! M9 Monochrom with 7Artisans 50mm 1.1 lens.
  20. Thanks, but I disagree. More than enough form for what I was trying to do, though your mileage clearly varies. The homage is only in the colour.
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