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  1. From our New Year's Day walk this morning... 1. Landscape #1 2. Straw Man Running 3. Daughter 4. Landscape #2 5. Bridge
  2. A sudden rush of blood to the head, and there I was in the darkened room, playfully twisting the Q2M this way and that, over windows lit with street lights. A fun-filled five minutes.
  3. But photography is not about what you can see...
  4. Just experimenting...soft focus, decreased Clarity in LR, added grain. The tin was not properly lit, just the light from my iMac screen falling on it. The white handle belongs to a letter opener. I love the sharpness of this lens, but want to control it when I need to. Macro, f/2.8, ISO 12,500, 1/500.
  5. I can finally contribute to the thread I started.. Breakfast with the Q2M. Although the lens is sharp, there is no need to always exploit that. I like the soft focus here. ISO 320, f/2.8, Spot, 1/50"
  6. I haven't much time with it, just enough to take a few jpgs around the house and the path outside. So, these are unedited, straight-out-of-the-camera, jpgs. I just know there's a lot more detail in the dng files. No time to edit, just enough time to share. Autofocus is new to me, and it didn't always go where I wanted it to, but will learn how to use it, and of course there is manual override anyway. I was just on Auto everything...
  7. Well, it has just arrived, freezing cold but in perfect condition. The battery is powering up as I type. Very excited!
  8. Ha, that does not surprise me - the wind. We get our fair share of it. I know you'll enjoy Jonathan's recording!
  9. I play some jazz, some classical, this and that. I teach guitar for a living, these days with Zoom students across the globe. From your website, I see you haven't visited Scotland yet. It's definitely worth a visit with camera in hand 🙂
  10. My Q2M is in the post, and should arrive tomorrow. Of course, delivery on Christmas Eve cannot be guaranteed, so I might have to wait until Monday. That would be a pity, as I quite fancy the idea of a b&w Christmas Day portfolio... It's coming from Ffordes near Inverness, to Edinburgh.
  11. I thought it looked good, and they don't come any better than a Benedetto. So, this is the smaller version of La Venezia, my dream guitar. Benedettos and Leicas were made for each other. You might be interested in my archtop blog: https://archtopguitar.net
  12. Ohh, nice archtop guitar. What is it? Nice shot too.
  13. Either does me, but probably somewhere between the two would be best.
  14. Hmm. This IS the Q2M images thread, and I can see your nice dog...
  15. I use Lightroom 6, but any iteration of Lightroom will handle contrast in a second. Once you have your favoured setting, you can save it. I've had the original Monochrom for a few years, and learned to underexpose when shooting. Then when I opened the files in Lightroom it only took a few seconds, literally, to adjust to my liking. Sounds like that is a good method for the Q2M as well. Protect the highlights.
  16. Good luck, piran, and keep us posted!
  17. I'm getting mine part-exchange through Ffordes up near Inverness. They are saying January is likely. I'm third in the queue.
  18. Wow, dark stuff, with just about enough detail in some, lots of detail in others. What ISO's were you using?
  19. Well, the Q2M is a lot cheaper than the body-only of the M10M. Add a quality lens to that body, and the Q2M starts looking like a steal.
  20. jd, what body will you put your premium M lens on?
  21. Those so-called mediocre photographers might be perfectly content with their images, and really love their camera and their place in photography. It should not be a competition.
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