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  1. Frog Spawn? If not, what? My daughter's boyfriend showed me this wobbly ball on a pebble finding by a river. I asked him to carefully replace it after the photo.
  2. From Birnam Wood - mentioned by Shakespeare in MacBeth:
  3. Thanks. I can report that I am very happy with the Q2. My kind of camera. 😀
  4. I brought the two Leicas - Q2 and Q2M - to Birnam Wood, mentioned in MacBeth, in Perthshire, Scotland. Beautiful place. It says something about my photography when I say that I came home with 27 colour shots with the Q2, and 765 b&w shots with the Q2M. It will take a while to plough through the latter, but in the meantime I'm sure Shakespeare would recognise these:
  5. I’ve had the Q2M since it came out, and is my first-choice camera. Then I looked for a colour camera to complement it. I started with the TL2, but couldn’t get on with it. Traded it in for a CL. Couldn’t get on with that... Now I have the Q2 - Heaven! The combination of both with their macro options gives me all I need. I tried mono conversion of Q2 files, but was not happy with them. So I stick to colour on the Q2, b&w on the Q2M, and am very happy to do so. That said, I remain an 80 to 90% b&w shooter.
  6. Darktable? You must mean darktable 😉 They make a noise about the lower-case d. Well, the price is right! I’ll give it a try. Thanks.
  7. Experimenting with split toning for that old Henry Fox Talbot or Hill & Adams look. It's the sort of subject Talbot might have taken, I think.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. After following all the links and suggestions, I've opted for Exposure 6 - thanks Bobitybob. You win! 😀
  9. Thanks, folks. So, so far we have Iridient and Raw Power...no Capture One or DxO. Interesting.
  10. My stand-alone LR6 will die a death when I get a new iMac in a couple of weeks. I don't want to pay a monthly fee for using LR, so am looking for an alternative that does the basics superbly well - I do not like to spend hours at the computer. My three cameras are: Leica Q2M (main camera), Leica Q2, Konica Hexar AF film camera. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. From this morning's walk with the Q2 in hand:
  12. My favourite camera of all the ones I've had is the Leica Q2 Monochrom, and I've been trying various colour cameras to see if I can work them intuitively (because thinking hurts!) and like the result. Often I've liked results, but not the process. So, the obvious thing would be the colour version of the Q2, but they are expensive. However, Ffordes in Invernesshire sent me a second-hand Q2 at a great price, and I used it for the first time on this morning's walk. It is a breeze to use - couldn't be simpler, and the lens (as with the Q2M) can slip into macro mode - very useful for a fixed-lens c
  13. From this morning's walk, Q2M in hand:
  14. Yes, Jayne, they are. And they are all slightly out of focus. After an intense week of trying to get to a position where I could forget the camera and just shoot, I failed to do so, got fed up with both the camera and the lens, and returned both. That's the end of my CL sojourn. I've now put the money towards a used Q2, which should be with me in a few days's time. My main squeeze is the Q2 Monochrom, so I'm looking forward to fairly quickly becoming "at one" with that.
  15. A few from yesterday's walk along the Almond River, near Edinburgh. That's my wife and daughter in the first:
  16. The Invisible Man Caught On Camera!!
  17. My daughter has returned home as a Master of Textiles, from the Royal College of Art, London. I’ve never seen her so relaxed.
  18. Well, the lens arrived, and I spent some time getting familiar with both the camera and the lens. By comparison with my other camera, the Q2Monochrom, this setup is far more complicated. The lack of image stabilisation really got to me at first, and once I'd chosen a faster shutter speed, somehow found it hard to get exposure right. I dare say I'll get to grips with it all soon enough. I spent most of my time either in complete Manual mode, or Auto. P, A and S modes caused me more bother than I cared for in the little time I had available. I was beginning to regret not getting a used Q instead
  19. Cheers, Guytou. The camera arrived half an hour ago, I’m now just waiting for the lens which is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. I wonder what the “interesting functions” are that you mentioned?
  20. I've just bought a CL at a great price - lots of massive discounts which surely herald a CL2 in the works. Now is a good time to buy. But I also bought the Sigma 105 f/2.8 macro lens to use with it. I'm not into bugs, but hope to have something worthy for this thread before long. Keep up the great work, everyone!
  21. I haven't been out much this last 14 months or so, for obvious reasons, but yesterday had a trip to a couple of bookshops and an Italian deli. I came home utterly exhausted - such a feast for the eyes and ears.
  22. I'd believe all day long that this was a film shot. Excellent.
  23. No, Dave. I bought my filters soon after.
  24. Well, I was in one. It was an interesting experience!
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