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  1. Yes, I have the User Manual. When all else fails...πŸ™‚
  2. Thanks, David. Good idea re the two User profiles - I'll definitely do that. But how do you save them before a firmware upgrade, other than just writing down on a piece of pepper what the settings were? Is there a more technical way of doing that?
  3. RobM


    I had the feeling I wouldn't be alone. Hopefully a lesson has been learned.
  4. A very busy and noisy cafe in Edinburgh...
  5. RobM


    "thing" should read "think".
  6. RobM


    Sunny day here in Edinburgh, and I found myself shooting things that were low down, too low for me to be bothered getting down on my knees and using the EVF. But I never noticed that I had accidentally hit the video button, so I ended up with about twenty extremely short videos! At another point I also didn't realise I had switched the camera on to Continuous mode...grr. I'm loving my Q, but do thing they have too much going on the that area of the top plate. I'll be more careful in the future.
  7. From my first jaunt with the Q. Our Lady of the Sorrows, Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh:
  8. Cheers, Mike. 70's the new 50, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your Q. Cheers Roy. I'm sure you'll love the Q2. I'm a tall guy with large hands, and my initial impression of the size of the Q is that it is quite small, and I can see myself investing in a grip, maybe a case, bigging it up, so to speak. Otherwise it seems an ideal camera for my digital work.
  9. Got my Q today, and will keep what you say in mind. Never had a 1.7 before, so will definitely be exploring it.
  10. Thanks, ramarren. A moderator has told me not add photos here - sorry about that. Rookie mistake.
  11. Got the b&w setting...first shot...the glass trash bucket, of all things...I'm enjoying this camera!
  12. Thank you, lykaman! Much appreciated. I do not regret buying it!
  13. Is there a way to set b&w in-camera for composition purposes?
  14. Well, it arrived safely, thankfully. First impression is that it is most certainly a keeper! It literally arrived twenty minutes ago, so here are a few quickies from round the house. I did DNG plus jpg, but these are from the latter - I haven't yet looked at the DNG files. Not my most artistic shots ever πŸ™‚ Ah, only two shots allowed. Both of these are in low light, a dark bedroom. My wife spent a year in New Mexico some thirty years ago...The second shot is with the macro option - very handy! Both shots 1.7 - hard to resist trying it.
  15. Sadly, it hasn't arrived. Surely tomorrow...πŸ˜’
  16. I live in Edinburgh. The population seems to double during the month of August for the various Festivals. I hope you booked accommodation, as there will be none to find now, unless you are very lucky. As for photography, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. The place was made for photography. I look forward to seeing what you capture! I have a Q arriving today, so we can compare images πŸ™‚
  17. Doh! Leica User Forum...it takes me a minute. Must be this over 60 thing πŸ˜‰
  18. Cheers, iQ2. I've been reading quite a few of your posts on this subform. Nice to meet you. Please excuse by ignorance, but what does LUF stand for?
  19. Cheers, ramarren. The tracking says it will be here "by end of day". Cheers, Lex. I like slightly wide lenses, so have no worries about that, and there will be more than enough pixels to worry about or enjoy...The Q2 looks great too, but I'm sure the Q will be more than enough for me. Glad you are satisfied with yours.
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