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  1. More Autumn Leaves...Q2M + Red Filter:
  2. Autumn...Q2M with red filter on lens...
  3. You were played, but it all worked out for the best 🙂
  4. Cheers, Wilson. Trinovids would certainly save me some money!
  5. Well, that's a major consideration when you have a fixed-lens camera. I get the clearest UV lens I can afford, currently the Hoya HD3 UV, and leave that on. I don't want a single scratch of that fixed lens. The red filter sits on top of the Hoya.
  6. Hi Piran. It’s a low-level red filter, and I’ve noticed its effect can vary between subtle and marked depending on light variances. In the case of my wife and daughter walking in the woods, there was very little contrast to play with, but where contrast mattered - for example my daughter’s hands clasped behind her back, against a black dress - the filter really helped to catch that. It works most noticeably with puffy cloud scenes. A darker red filter would have more of an effect, but I find the B+W 49 090 5x to be the perfect strength for my uses.
  7. A walk in the woods so wild, with wife and daughter, the Q2m, and a red filter on the lens.
  8. I don’t think my wife is looking for those, Jan, but thanks for mentioning them.
  9. Thank you, masjah, for giving me the whole story in easily digestible morsels! It is now perfectly clear.
  10. Interesting. Can you explain why if they all have 42mm objectives, one gathers more light?
  11. This will be for my wife's 60th birthday. She loves birds, and has a very poor 8x42 pair. As this will be a special birthday, one we thought she might not reach due to illness, I want to push the boat out, so to speak. These are my choices: 8x42 Noctivid 7x42 HD-Plus Ultravid 8x42 HD-Plus Ultravid I've been doing a bit of reading, and for what she does I think the 7x42 would be perfect, I might say it is the front runner. But the other two are also attractive. I read that the Noctivid straightened out the plane of view, whereas the older Ultravids had a deliberate bias tow
  12. It was great to get out for a long walk in what was at times very strong winds. All Q2M with red filter attached to lens. It works best if you click the first, then scroll through the remainder, I think.
  13. I use my own cataloguing system, so never tried to import the LR version. Overall I’m very impressed Exposure X6..
  14. Q2M with red filter on lens, which I’m resisting taking off. The bark of the tree is covered in various species of lichen. Next time you want to move house, check out the health of the local lichen on trees and rocks. As in this image, a lot of lichen indicates good air quality.
  15. Seed head. Q2M with red filter on lens.
  16. I’m throwing in the towel...on the Q2, returning it to the camera store. I shoot b&w 90% of the time, and almost every colour shot I take looks better in b&w, such as this one. Clearly I’m a b&w photographer, and the Q2 is far too expensive for me to use for just the occasional shot. Thankfully my main squeeze is the Q2M, which I’m in love with. Farewell, Q2! Image: Towel Drying.
  17. Will do. My experience so far has been entirely positive. My editing is intentionally minimal, so every editing program has far more to it than I will ever need. Exposure, Shadows, Blacks, Whites, Clarity, and sharpening is about all I ever use, apart from the rare moment of wild fancy! Exposure X6 has all of these as easily accessible as with LR6, and in the same place. There is a large section of film-style presets which are dangerously fun to play with...
  18. Variations on a theme...based on this book cover by the late Joseph McKenzie: [Q2m with B+W ND filter x4]
  19. Cheers, Stefan. My iMac is slated to arrive on Monday. I’ll download two or three trial products.
  20. I am! Form an orderly queue for autographs 😄 I teach from home - these days via Zoom - and needed to get out for a health walk every day. I soon got bored with that, so bought a cheap camera to give me something to do. I quickly realised that I loved photography, and then began the years of experimenting with different cameras and mediums, eventually selling all my equipment for a Leica M9 Monochrom, which after a year I traded in for a Q2M, which is definitely the camera I’ve been searching for all these years. I now have a Q2 as well, though have not quite found my voice with colour pho
  21. Thanks for the mention of Affinity. I will look it up, and PSE11 as well.
  22. I use Elements 11 as a final check after LR6. It’s still a useful program. But I can’t just use it and nothing else. Still waiting for my new iMac. I fear they are still awaiting new chips from China...
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