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  1. Joe , Sorry to hear you had to sell those great SL lens you bought from me. As you recall, I sold them for the same reason. Too heavy for my 71 year old body. I have my X1D kit which I can easily tote around. FWIW, I also have the Nikon Z7 which is very light and gives excellent results.
  2. This was taken last week in Colorado at the Idarado Mine. It was probably a miners rooming house. M10M with 35 fle lux. yellow filter.
  3. In edition to the M10M I own the Hasselblad X1D. It initially had the issue where if you used the exposure bracketing setting which was very good, you could not set a shutter delay as well. They finally fixed this and it is an option you can set.
  4. Just realized that I typed CLH and there is no such thing. I meant CL....sorry.
  5. I bought my Wasabi batteries about two years ago and there have ben no issues. I guess mine are from an earlier period and there might be issues with those bought now.
  6. Right after I got my CLH, I ordered some kind of deal through Amazon for three batteries and a charger. I mistakenly ordered two of them and ended up with batteries everywhere it seems. The wife Leica V Lux uses the same battery though so we have spares everywhere....! The brand is Wasabi.
  7. Well I saw this done a while back and I had to do it in with my new M10 Monochrom with 35fle
  8. Maine is our favorite place and we spent two weeks there last September at Ocean Point near Booth Bay. Not this year as I believe they do not let Texans travel there. Over the years I have spent many weeks photographing and attending workshops.
  9. Not sure what the situation is at the factory but they seem to be available everywhere. I decided to get one a week ago and had no problem. Not sure where you are located but if you really want one I would go online.
  10. Nice photo Keith. Love the brand of wrench "Newlobster". Here in the states they are most commonly known as "Crescent" wrenches. My M10M will arrive tomorrow. Can"t wait to venture out some.
  11. I have owned way more gear than I will admit. My first digital was a Leica made by Panasonic. Cannot remember what it was called but it was like a little box. I was a long time R shooter and moved into digital with a Nikon system and kept using various models till I sold my D600. I have been through the S and SL but the weight was a factor as I grew older and body parts started hurting. I bought into the CL and have wight primes and zooms plus two bodies. My medium format is the Hasselblad X1D and I recently got the Nikon Z7. I guess I did don't learn by my old mistakes but I am a mirrorless k
  12. I hate to say it but I had the 50 APO but found it too heavy and traded it back to Leica Miami over a year ago. But Joe remember "if not now then when...!"
  13. Joe, Let me know how the two lens work when you get your SL.
  14. While Vieri may have used an S at some point, he left the SL system and went with the X1D.
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