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  1. Hi Colonel, Thanks - it is obviously less complicated that I originally assumed!! Regards, epmul
  2. Hi Andreas, I used your approach, adjusted the flange of the lens as recommended by 7Artisans, and then checked the calibration using the Leica rangefinder setting and compared it with the Visoflex 020 setting and they coincided ! It saves using the 7Artisans focussing chart to check the adjustment. Thank goodness - now all is well! Regards, epmul
  3. Hi Andreas, Thanks for the useful suggestion ! Regards, epmul
  4. Does anyone have experience using a visoflex 020 to calibrate a 50mm f1.1 7Artisans lens for the Leica M10 RF? Using the supplied focussing chart from 7Artisans as recommended seems more involved. Currently, I can see a discrepancy between the focussing using the RF compared to the visoflex 020 - no calibration has been undertaken to-date. Appreciate any advice or experiences e.g. do you recommend using the 7artisans chart as the method of choice ?
  5. It was taken off only for a photograph as I was selling the M240....
  6. Dear all, Many thanks for the fast response and the good advice. In fact, once source I contacted for advice has decided to purchase my M240! An ideal solution ! Problem solved !
  7. I am looking at trying to refresh a small area of the vulcanite to the left of the lens mount on my Leica M 240 as it is slightly lighter than the rest Is there any recommend way of doing this without making things worse ? Appreciate any sound advice
  8. I have just tried again and found that the locking or release knob is actually a screw and therefore the arm now works smoothly on rotating the knob ant-clockwise ! However, this advice might be useful for another "novice" in the same position.
  9. I purchased a secondhand Leitz Focomat V35 enlarger about 2-3 years ago and never got round to trying it out. I have just found out that the arm is very stiff and I do not want to use force. Maybe it was set up in a fixed position for transport at the time. How do I release the arm (cf. photo) ? Screwing the release knob (cf. photo) anticlockwise ? It seems very stiff and I do not want to damage the enlarger arm. Maybe a silly question but I would appreciate an intelligent answer ! Or do I need to lubricate the mechanism ? Thanks for your advice
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