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  1. As far as #3 goes; when you set your minimum ISO, it is asking what minimum shutter speed you want to set, so the camera doesn't drop too low. It will drop to the lower setting of the shutter, AND the ISO range you have set. Set this for the lowest shutter speed you are comfortable with, and the ISO will do the rest. At least that has been my take on it. The older/shakier I get, the higher the setting on the shutter speed. Loose explanation, hope it helps. I started with a Q, but upgraded after some time, so no more manual for that camera. Good luck, have fun, you will soon love that camera.
  2. 60m wouldn't be a reason to upgrade in my book. Now, as some have mentioned, a big overhaul of the AF system, and better Hi ISO capabilities, that might get me moving.
  3. Looks like the firmware update worked. It's raining, and i am babysitting, = captive subject.
  4. I like those, where did you find them? As for getting the anchors through the lugs, I applied some light wax to the cord, then used fishing line to pull them through the lugs. Tight fit, so shouldn't be any wear problems.
  5. Probably just me, I haven't shot in black and white mode for a while, so, today I switched to the mode on the quick menu screen, but no change, still shooting color, tried the HD B&W mode, still in color, is there some obscure menu item I could have changed to cause this? I checked to long menu also, it is showing black and white. I know I've shot in this mode in the past. Any ideas would be appreciated. Well, that was embarrassing, the camera was sitting in full auto mode. Problem solved.
  6. One from today A quick grab shot with the Q2.
  7. UPDATE, I just received my Q2 back from Leica USA in New Jersey. It was only about a 10 day turn around. I mentioned that I had a trip coming up, and they rushed it. Great people to work with, one of the best customer service groups I've encountered. They said that while finding nothing obvious, they inspected, cleaned, and adjusted the camera, and also listed a new skin/cover installed, as it needs to come off for the process. Maybe just me, but it seems to be a bit quicker to focus, and frames look great. The camera was returned via UPS overnight/next day delivery, before 11 A.M. Interesting to note, my warrantee had expired, so I pre-authorized any charges that may have applied, there were no charges. I am impressed with Leica service! Can't say enough about how easy and pleasant the whole experience was.
  8. Will do. Did some macro testing yesterday, using some flowers, at first glance they look fine, but at 100%/cropping, the edges just aren't there. Waiting to talk to a human at Leica, NJ for a RMA, then, off it goes.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I did find one person that had this done, in fact, here is the items listed on his return paperwork from Leica repair; -replace EVF -cleaned sensor - adjust auto focus -adjust sensor/out of tolerance -new sensor sealing -new back leather covering -check, adjust, clean So, with that, mine is heading to a repair depot for some "fine tuning"
  10. I've been in this business most of my life, and with most systems, there are hits, and there are misses. It seems that i am seeing a lot of the misses with my Q2. Probably me, (I'm in my 70's, eyesight isn't what it used to be!) but in the past, I have had several cameras that needed to be sent in for focus checks and adjustment. Is this a "thing" with the Q' cameras? If anyone has sent one in and actually saw an improvement, I'd like to hear about the process. I know there is an excellent Leica repair service in Chicago, but before I try that route, I'd love to know if I'm on the right track. Thanks for any input!
  11. Mine is a Q2 and iPhone 12. I tend to leave all of the other bodies and lenses at home. Works out most of the time.
  12. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'm sure I'll find one that works for me.
  13. Reason is a combination of neuropathy and arthritis, the more positive/prominent the button is, the easier to hit.
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