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  1. I inherited some wonderful R glass, is the CL a good platform for it, or is the SL a better choice, they are almost the same price used, tho the SL is a brick. Is the little telephoto from Leica worth it? Is there a better L alliance tele lens? I'm 77 and manual focus especially in bright tropical sun here in Brazil is not easy anymore. Thanks for the help! Patrick
  2. Load your dads old Leica with Portra 400, and to hell with Photoshop.
  3. old kodak 100, Leica sl I love boats and trains...guess at 77 i'm losing a bit of edge
  4. R4 Portra 400, NYC, you can see some of the problems with this roll
  5. thank you Klaus! I must have gotten a bad batch of film, and maybe the processing isnt so great, we only have one lab here in Recife, i think in future I will send to Sao Paulo. Ive done some nice nudes with my trusty M8. Ill go ahead with the SilberSalz 200t and see what happens. But will back up with the M8. It should be tricky because I think the lighting of film and digital is different, especially in shadow detail. I am trying for scenes, quasi cinematic, lots of atmospheric ambiguity...this may be more forgiving. As Jacques Cousteau said "Il faut allez voir!" Very best, Patrick
  6. Dear film friends, I am really dissappointed with this Portra 400...on a cloudy tropical day it registered everything green and required more processing and falsifying in ON1 than most of my M8 files. Every frame had a scar and noise from detached emulsion, dirt ? I thought it would be my go to film, but now... Kodak Gold is better! Advice? I plan to do an indoor nude shoot with lighting, candles. What film would you recommend? Does anyone have experience with Silbersalz 200T? I lost confidence in film, so will do parallel shooting with my digital m8. Any ideas on lighting? How do you know when a bulb is tungston or hgher White balance? I have a studio lamp, would this count as tungston? Thank you for the help!! Patrick Leica SL, R 38-70
  7. Or you could try Hegel's Aufhebung, negate the notion into a higher totality....
  8. The rot of Modernism...the future ruins of the apocalypse
  9. Thanks my friend, I thought that Bonnie and Clyde sould not part of the Scandinavian experience! Although Sweish noir is quite a genre of novels... Is poor Gunnar Myrdal outmoded? Sincre hug with the elbow, Patrick
  10. those GD floaters, horrible, just another joy of old age, along with the creaky joints, and love of film
  11. for us non Scandinavians, what did this gang do?
  12. Hello Friends, this is Lomography Potsdam Kino 100 in Monobath, Leica SL. I dont know if I like this film or not, the highlights are totally blown and cant be recovered, I do like the graphic quality tho. Dramatic... absolutely no good for people pics! is this some type of graphic copying film? Any thoughts?? What is your favorite low grain B&W at 200 or 400?
  13. My father left me 4 R lenses and a Leicaflex, but I've gone to the R4, after a decade with M's. R lenses are amazing in cinematic picture quality, and of course film has a much broader range of light and color capture than sensors. Film grain is aesthetic, M grain around 650 ISO is ugly. The R cameras have a wonderful eye relief that I dont find with M's. Film is undergoing a world renaissance with this new generation, with at least 5 plants in production, and Leica/Panasonic should produce something akin to an R camera for this movement. It does not need fancy electronics, and should come at a price that ordinary mortals can afford...the benefit is that Leica will sell M,L, and R lenses, if it gives adaptors, and Leica should partner with Ilford, Kodak, etc to get discounts on film, and on monobath developing kits. I still use M or sony a7rii (unnecessarily complicated) to photograph rapid moving carnaval. One benefit of film capture, is that it needs less processing in post...I wasted a lot of time with digital correcting problems introduced by the digital sensors. Film costs more, but you shoot less and better photos with a lot more planning and thought. The downside, last time I ws in a darkroom in the 80s, I ended up with a rash on both arms...hmmm
  14. HAH I was there in Malmo for Hogertraffikdag, it was amazing all the students with traffic guard uniforms and everyone out driving and being very nervous! Wonderful. Of course there was the ferry they boarded in the morning and spent 10 back and forth trips drinking on...until theyh got poured out on one side or other.
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