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  1. I am more concerned with the sound coming out of the 1.4/50 lens
  2. Gentlemen, as we all know, according to Leica, firmware 3.6 is supposed to improve compatibility with third-party lenses. Well, I installed it, and now Lumix S-Pro 1.4/50 produces a quiet, but rather noticeable humming noise. Admittedly, it does not do it on the S1 body. Also, when the lens is mounted after a system reset, the camera says something like "lenses with high power consumption will reduce your battery life". What's the hell?
  3. why one would need BMRaw in a recorder when BMPCC4K does it internally?
  4. The fact that your opinion on this differs has no relevance whatsoever to the original topic. The question was "does anybody else experienced the same phenomenon with Q2?" As a moderator, you should know better than hijacking a thread. If you want to discuss merits of focus stacking in street photography, by all means, start a thread and go for it.
  5. I was referring to the APS-C situation. There it is drastic enough.
  6. S006, Carl Zeiss Distagon 3.5/55
  7. I've done a lot of small product photography with APO-Makro-Planar 4/120, and there is no lens in medium format that does it better. Leica S006 works fine with Contax 645 bellows, and 4/120 mounted on the bellows easily gets you 2:1 with perspective control, if needed. Obviously, you do not get as much freedom as on a full 645 frame, but larger DOF compensates for it. 4/120 has the most beautiful bokeh. Check my article on Contax 645 lenses on Leica S, it has a food example very indicative of how this lens renders.
  8. It is possible to configure it with a button next to the viewfinder, and it works fine with photos. With video, you always have something on, either the EVF, or LCD, even when there is an external recorder connected.
  9. What has been missing from SL firmware of any release is an ability to turn off the LCD. It does turn off automatically when an eye meets the viewfinder and then liveview comes back to the LCD as soon as the camera is removed from the face. It could be possible to extend the battery life at least 30% by turning off the LCD, especially when shooting video to an external recorder.
  10. I would not expect image quality increase from Kipon optics. In fact, I wouldn't expect it even from Leica optics or any other manufacturer for that matter. Every optical element added to a lens design introduces four reflective surfaces into the formula, not counting things happening due to optical properties of the glass used and aberrations of the added system.
  11. The reason is simple: medium format lenses are not optimized for a frame size this small. Leica cares about performance of its lenses more than anything. I am even surprised that they made an SL adapter
  12. Good for you! This camera with 1/50 Noctilux is the ultimate low-light machine. Another option worth considering is 7Art 1.1/50, which is surprisingly good wide open for people work. It is even smaller and lighter than 1/50, let alone 0.95/50
  13. Since I am a bit late to tell something new like real reviewers should, I decided to concentrate on the most important points. http://www.artphotoacademy.com/leica-m10-d-the-cutting-edge-old-school/
  14. Do you have the AF assist lamp on?
  15. I was really struggling to understand what was the point of the article aside from using it as an opportunity to display some lens porn. A comparative review without a single picture taken with the optics under discussion is a travesty.
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