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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering about Leica's macro filters, namely ELPRO 2 (16542) and the newer ELPRO E52 (14125). Will any of these or both work with the Q2? If the older one works (initially designed for R lenses according to Leica), even better as it costs a fraction of the newer one. But even if it doesn't, do we know explicitly and certainly that the new one does work, since the Q/Q2 was not listed as compatible initially? Can we see pictures shot with it? Also, I see Marumi filters being mentioned as alternatives that can do much of the same job. On their site they list some
  2. I will try it, sure. Even if compression changes only with the distance to the subject and not with the focal length of the lens used, the DoF does change as you correctly mentioned. My premise was that cropping to 35 does not give you the full 35mm (or 75 for that matter) effect, which I suppose you agree with.
  3. Let’s take the “native” 28 perspective and compare it to the 70mm digital zoom option. At “native” 70mm you would get some of the “compressed” background you tend to get with telephoto lenses. With the digital zoom at 70mm you will get the image as shot with the 28mm but zoomed in. Maybe I am not explaining it well and somebody more eloquent than myself can chime in, but there is no doubt as to the validity of what I am saying. If the contrary was indeed true, there would be no need for longer lenses, we would all have a fisheye and crop as much as the sensor would allow (in terms of what deta
  4. I have the same question. I tried it both in Capture 1 and Lr and i didn’t see anything more than what the 28mm lens took. Maybe this is the case (24mm and 51 mp) but while it was evident on pre-production models, they may have decided to take it off completely due to the severe vignetting. That said, I would like to have the option to tap into that extra territory in case I have made a mistake while composing the picture.
  5. It’s not the same. This issue has been discussed ad nauseam here and all over the internet. If you use the digital zoom to go to 70 mm for example, you do not get the same image you would get if you shot with a 70 mm lens. You just get a cropped version of the image shot with a wide angle lens. In any case, obviously the effect is not the same when you are just cropping to 35 since it is a lot closer to the 28, but still, it is not a true 35.
  6. I am a big fan of the 35mm and I would have put up with the greater size/weight of a Summilux 35 on the Q. But that’s just me... Everyone has their own taste and shooting style, so a company needs to compromise. With the quality of the sensor and the lens on the Q2 you can crop to your heart’s delight, although I realize that it’s not the same as a true 35mm. At the end of the day, different setups work for different people and the Q2 (any Leica for that matter) is not a product to appeal to the masses; it is a niche product by definition and the question is which niche to appeal to. For me, i
  7. I use what I call my Standard profile (various settings that make sense to my style of shooting, won’t bore you with those!), then Simplified (fewer option for the two configurable buttons), High Speed, Portrait, Low Light and Monochrome - all pretty self explanatory in terms of settings methinks!
  8. Yes, whatever... It is a legitimate point that you obviously fail to see. There is something to be said about the fact that this particular feature is implemented the way I propose from just about everyone else. And yes, the 75mm frame lines are virtually unusable for a lot of people and it has nothing to do with smart you-know-what remarks about staying safe. Nuff said;)
  9. Got it! I use it exclusively as AF so I haven’t come across this issue before.
  10. Not sure what you mean. I press the button and turn the wheel to change ISO. By default, the wheel is set to exposure compensation. Am I missing something?
  11. I see what you are saying and for the 35mm crop it may even be helpful. But closer than that, it is not really helping the composition. anyway, different strokes for different folks i guess:)
  12. A workaround (which -I agree- we shouldn’t have to deal with) is to change the name convention to something else, say Q.
  13. World peace is a big deal, true...But there is something to be said about what is considered common / best practice and for a good reason too:) If they implement the way I propose (and other companies do anyway) they will accommodate those fortunate enough to be able to compose well through a peephole, as well as us less fortunate folk who would like the benefit of the whole LCD.
  14. You are lucky:) How can you even use it at 75 when it's so small? Can you really compose this way?
  15. I am not using a thumb rest, but Leica's original thumb rest takes care of that issue because it allows you to press the button when it is on the camera. Also, I think it is right to unlock the Exposure after each shot. The camera has no way of knowing what you will be shooting next (as in a series with the same exposure) so it reverts to its mean, allowing you to move from there.
  16. Correction - The AE-L can now lock without having to keep it pressed! This is great and it makes a world of difference if you shoot with spot metering. I liked the status screen (i.e. the favourites in a tile arrangement) but I would have liked fo it to also work independently from the EVF. What I am saying is that a status screen like this could be one of the options in the display cycle, instead of a menu option. The reason is that if you don't shoot with your LCD but with your EVF, it makes sense to have that info displayed on the big screen and the image displayed with no other data (
  17. Yes, that’s all nice BUT the two things that should / could have been addressed to make the whole experience more pleasurable were not addressed: 1. AEL - should have the option to use it as a toggle instead of having to press it all the time. That’s how it works on most cameras anyway and for a camera that is not exactly the easiest or most ergonomic in terms of actual handling, it would make a hell of a difference. 2. Digital cropping - instead of having the lines to show the frame limits for 35, 50 and especially 75, the image should be magnified to fill the frame. Again, that is
  18. I have an iphone X running 13.1.3, Fotos 1.3.2 and a Q2 running 1.1. I am not using Fotos at all, but when I got the camera I did connect it to the iphone with no problems (that was with Q2 f/w 1.0 and iphone before iOS13). Today I tried connecting but I couldn't. Not once. I follow the instructions (the not so intuitive instructions / implementation may I add...) but it just doesn't work. I deleted the camera and tried re-adding it. Doesn't work. Pairing supposedly works but then I get a message that connection to the App failed. Any thoughts?
  19. This comment in the review really intrigued me, so I downloaded Capture 1 Pro to check it out. Overgaard says: You see a 28mm crop (8368 x 5584 pixels) in Capture One Pro, but you also see more outside that 28mm frame. There is more space outside the frame, which you can include (9005 x 5715 pixels). Very helpful in the cases where you missed the top of a head or an elbow, because it might be there. In Adobe Lightroom you see the cropped frame, but if you click on the photo with the cropping tool, you will see the entire 24mm frame with the 28mm crop. So, in Capture 1 Pro, this
  20. Μy 2 main recommendations are the following: 1. Ability to fill the LCD / EVF with the entire digitally-zoomed picture (35, 50, 75mm), instead of having white frame lines within an always-28mm field of view. (copy/paste from another user). It would work wonders for the usability of this feature, especially as you crop more and more. The way it is implemented, it is extremely hard to compose at 50 mm or more. 2. I use spot metering and like to lock the exposure. On most cameras there is a toggle to do this: pressing and releasing locks the exposure at the selected point. Usually thi
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