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  1. the fly is shot without the EPLRO, as is the kitty cat. The bee is shot with the ELPRO. What do you think?
  2. Thank you! I just reuested that we get a choice in the implementation of the digital zoom. Hopefully, this is something more people want and we will get it in a future upgrade.
  3. I understand what you are both saying, but I beg to differ. Remember that the initial optical stimulus (the bench, or the sick person) is in color. Whether you shoot with the Q2 or Q2M, a "conversion" is in the cards anyway; in one case from the eye to the camera and in the other from the camera to post processing. It is a mindset more than anything else, in my view anyway. I do appreciate however that technically the Q2M will produce high IQ in B&Q images for all sorts of technical reasons explained elsewhere. But the soul of the image is in the eye and intention of the photographer, not
  4. Out of curiosity, how do you request a feature for a firmware update officially?
  5. The introduction of two beasts at the same time, both in the upper segment, speaks volumes about where things are headed and to what direction technology is taking us. The Sony a1 and the Fujifilm GFX100s are coming to lay claims to the top of FF and MF categories with features that were unheard of in the recent past. As photography moves to smartphones for the greater population, camera companies are moving upwards to new highs (in feature set and prices) to differentiate themselves; understandable and expected. It is a great time to be considering options in this segment with a multitude of
  6. Amen... I've been waiting to see this in every firmware upgrade, but nothing...
  7. In the sense that an alternative to a camera could be another camera at the same or similar price point (not necessarily my point of view, just saying), would the newly announced GFX100s also be an alternative to the Q2? It certainly is an alternative to the X1D ii 50 and I am willing to bet that it will test a lot better than the Hasselblad:)
  8. I think the implementation of the digital zoom leaves a lot to be desired. I agree with Steven on the playback interface. However, if you shoot both JPG and DNG when using the digital zoom, the playback version you get is the cropped JPG; not the case if you are only shooting DNG. What really irks me is the fact that you get the frame lines a la rangefinder instead of "zooming" the image to fit the LCD according to what you are shooting, i.e. 35, 50, 75. This is just a nuisance and a remnant of the M-series user experience. It is borderline usable at 35 and definitely NOT usable at the long en
  9. The real journey begins now! The setup is very good and you will get a kick out of it! There is a thread with macro pics (with and without the ELPRO 52) somewhere here; check it out and happy shooting!
  10. You don't have to switch it to Digital Zoom. A short press on the customisable buttons brings up the function that was selected the last time. If it ws the Digital zoom, the first short press zooms to 35, the second to 5 and the third to 75. A long press brings up your list of choices for the Fn Button (of which one is the Digital Zoom). If you then select another function and use it, when you need to re-use the digital zoom, only then do you have to long press the Fn, select Digital Zoom and use it. To make a long story short, in my settings, I have the back button for AE-lock only and the Fn
  11. I m using AE-Lock with the button that was originally designed for the digital zoom. It makes more sense like this and most cameras have a similar button somewhere there. With regards o the digital zoom, I have assigned it to the default function of the Fn button, so you don't have to go into a menu to activate it - it's there at the first press of the button. Doesn't that work for you?
  12. How do you go about “referencing the last image number”?
  13. I am sure the answer is simple but I am not sure whether there has to be a hardware thing waiting to be activated by firmware update or whether it is 100% a firmware thing. Just asking:)
  14. I shoot quite a bit against the sun at f/16. I like the sunstars and the silhouette effect of the foreground, so I have plenty of shots like this. I have noticed that when shooting with the Q2 I sometimes get some weird, greenish marks around the sun like the ones in image Q1010050e.jpg. I do not get these when shooting with the X100F (DSCF4676e.jpg). The weirdest thing (to me anyway, because I cannot explain it) is that sometimes, I do NOT get that ugly effect with the Q2 either (Q1000739e.jpg). Is it normal? Is it a design flaw of the lens? Is it a flaw in my sample of the lens? Is it a
  15. I am not sure why would Leica launch a Q2 monochrome. As it is, the Q series with its fixed lens is a niche product. If they limit it to monochrome as well, it becomes an even more restrictive proposition (not true of the M mono since you can change lenses on that one). If one NEEDS a monochrome camera, Leica still owns that market with the M which lures a customer into the brand and still gives them the potential for more sales, i.e. lenses, which the Q2 monochrome would not. It would make a lot more sense (to me anyway) to have another q with a different lens, i.e. a 35 or 50 or 90., but ymm
  16. This was discussed extensively in the dpreview test of the Q2. I am using 100 just to be on the “safe” side. Never had much use for 50.
  17. Wow! That is pretty intense indeed! Does the second picture show the minimum focusing distance with the filter on?
  18. Thanks again - I'll wait for you to get home and tell me. I am in Greece by the way, at home...:/ hence my "need" to get into macro a bit more than in the past:)
  19. Chris -- First of all, stay safe going back home and thank you very much for your detailed answer! Am I right in assuming that the ELPRO E52 comes with the 49 to 52 sep up ring, so if I get it I am good to go with the Q2? Also, do you have any experience with the Marumi filters? Thanks again!
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