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  1. Personally, I shot only a few jpegs anyway (mostly monochrom), but even then I am not interested in the SOOC quality because I work on them in Lr. I am sure that, given time, there will be some people working on tweaking the settings in order to emulate their favourite film look and feel and may be kind enough to post their settings here on the forum for others to try out as well. I tend to leave those micro-settings at 0 so my starting point in post processing is always the same.

    Having said all that, please lighten up Spud, people browse the fora in their spare time which may or may not be enough to get to all the posts. And then, maybe what that other person said (about most shooting RAW) may indeed be the case for this camera. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Take care:)

  2. Images shot during April in my hometown, Thessaloniki, Greece. Q2 / CC most welcome!

    More of my work can be seen in my fb Page and my website (wirtelight.net)

  3. 18 hours ago, hdmesa said:

    Highlight weighted-metering is a god-send for even the color Q2 because the highlights are way too easy to blow on this sensor. Raising shadows on the Q2 is effortless in post, so unless you're trying to shoot JPEG-only, this new metering mode is amazing (YMMV of course :) )


    Noooo, that's what lets the camera reset the numbering, having the card blank with no images and only the firmware. Leave your current images on there and you're golden.

    I always thought that you have to format the card and that's what i have been doing. This has resulted in file numbering going back to the beginning. But ig what you are saying works, then that's fine - they should just say so in the instructions and let the user choose what they want. Anyway, THANK you for this!

  4. 33 minutes ago, hdmesa said:

    If you save the profile at the time of update and reimport, it keeps the file naming. I also think in the past if my SD card didn't have any old files on it, the file numbering would also be off. So if you have a formatted SD card without images on there, make sure and save profiles then re-import. Even if you don't have a "User 1" set up, it brings back your settings to the default profile.

    It is odd that the file naming convention is retained through the upgrade process (if you export and reimport profiles - e.g. mine is Qxxx instead of Lxxx) but numbering is not. What are they thinking?

  5. It boggles the mind when a company that is charging an arm and a leg for a camera chooses not to fix an apparent bug. I can understand the features that they chose to not include, despite (paying) customers' suggestions. But the image numbering reset is a bug and it takes all of one line of code to fix... It is a very poor show by a camera maker that wants to keep charging as much as they want. Very pissed off to have to go through that very tedious process to get back to the image number I was before the upgrade. Venting completed; not a happy camper...

  6. 49 minutes ago, Luke_Miller said:

    I don't have an SL2-S either, but I feel pretty sure you would have to hold the joystick down to lock the exposure.  That is the way the AE-L button on my Nikons work and it is how a half press of the SL shutter release works. 

    On the Q2 for example (as well as other cameras I have had in the past, like the X100F) you press the AE-L button and you lock exposure for that shot. You don't have to keep it pressed with your finger as your are shooting. it was like that in earlier q2 firmware but it was eventually fixed.

  7. I am also contemplating the same switch. I am intrigued by the low light capability / IBIS of the SL2-S not to mention the smaller files and the 35 APO I would be getting if I decided to make the switch. Not that thrilled about the size / weight compared to the Q2. My main gripe with the Q2 is that I would like a native 35 mm lens on it and if that is not possible, at the very least a better digital zoom implementation, i.e. "filling" the screen with the zoomed in image instead of the anachronistic frame lines. I know I can crop and have an f/2 35mm, but it just doesn't "feel" the same. On the other hand, I love the macro capability (including the ELPRO52 I am using) and the incredible UI, i.e. the manual knobs with the A on them; as easy as can be. The SL2-S feels more "standard" in the sense that it works like most other digicams. Will not make use of its video capabilities either. The more I think about it, the more I feel that it is just GAS with the SL2-S...

  8. It's not that hard, come on:) Anyone who owns one should be able to answer it! I would REALLY like to know as I am using Spot and AEL almost exclusively and holding it to "stick" would be really cumbersome. Again, thanks for taking the time!

  9. Quick question before I go nuts...: I have never really bothered with the Default Profile of the Q2. I have set 6 profiles of my own and I am happy with these. However, I am not sure how it works and once I selected it, I see that it has some preselected settings that I cannot remember if they were always there, or if I accidentally turned them into the Default profile. So, the default profile on my Q2 is AFS, Multifield, Single, STD, Multi-Field (metering), AWB, L-JPG/DNG and Auto ISO.  I am referring to the settings that show on the two bottom lines of the "main" screen. Is this everyone's Default Profile (i.e. preset by the factory, same for everyone) or is it something the user can somehow set and name "Default Profile" to their liking? Thanks for this, you are helping an ageing man keep his sanity...:)

  10. Images from March with the Q2. CC most welcome!

  11. Image from March, all with the Q2. CC most welcome!

  12. Images from March, all with the Q2. CC most welcome!

  13. Images taken in February with a Q2. CC welcome!

  14. What do you make of the following? It appeared in a facebook Q/Q2 group earlier today:

    News from an independent dealer here in the UK regarding the Q3:

    "The Leica Q3 pre-release info was a 'Dealer Embargo' update on Feb 14th; the official press & public announcement won't follow until Leica can confirm the launch date and availability for the new camera, which is expected to be sometime in March for release in June or July. The Q2 is currently in good supply and in stock at all dealers - to help dealers clear their stocks before the new camera is announced, they are now all receiving a promotional rebate / sales incentive of £500 from Leica for each camera they sell, which they can offer to their buyers as a discount, but they're not allowed to lower their advertised price until the official announcement of the Q3 is made."

    In other words, if you're interested in a Q2 now, negotiate your price!

  15. I am also in favor of the Qx retaining the current form factor if at all possible. The fast prime is a great way to work, although if it were up to me I would have opted for a 35 instead of a 28, just because I am more used to this field of view and I like it more for the kind of stuff I shoot. I understand the logic behind the 28 and the fact that it essentially lets you crop aggressively all the way up to 75 and I would be OK with the 28, had the digital zoom implementation been more geared towards making the photographer’s life easier and more practical instead of playing to the rangefinder aficionados’ likes. I know I have mentioned it before (please  consider it just good ol’ lobbying!) but if they implemented the digital zoom like everyone else (i.e. zoom to fill the viewfinder according to whatever for one is using at any particular time) or even give us the menu option to do so, this would be the last camera I ever bought. (OK, maybe with a tilting screen!)

  16. 54 minutes ago, Paul B said:

    The reason i have not posted any images on here is because iin the past I have had images stolen and used by other companies and them getting paid for them! Also In the past I won three national photography competitions and know a good photograph when i see one!

    Have any of you experts watched the series on sky about finding the next top photographer? would have been interesting to hear what they would have said about such a "picture"??

    You either have the "EYE" or you don't ! and i for one don't !  All i will say on the matter is you might have one of the very best cameras on the market and know all the technical stuff but it still does not make you a photographer, and it appears that most people use some kind of editing package to cover up there short falls in anycase! 



    You can watermark your images as you know and forego the risk of them being stolen and used. If you have won three national competitions, good for you, all the more reason to share your images for others to enjoy and learn from (kidding aside). 

    “Have any of you experts…” There you go again:) No need to be condescending to people. You may have a point but when you start like this, you lose the argument from the start.

    I will agree with you that a nice camera does not make a good photographer. 

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