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  1. On 6/2/2022 at 8:54 PM, AndrewDD said:

    The worst is the bug is the touch-release autofocus implementation. I've mentioned it elsewhere, it doesn't work in video mode, so to switch between stills & video I don't just have to change modes, I have to do a deep dive into the menus. I have written to Wetzlar about it and they agreed it is a bug, but it still isn't fixed. As I switch between photo & video a lot, often for a minute or two of video or half a dozen photos,  this is a real pain, made even worse by the cretinous decision to remove the video button. The Q was much easier to use.

    Got it. I don't do either video or touch release AF, so it completely escaped me:) But I see how this is a problem indeed.

  2. OK… I have plenty of folders in my database. However, I also keep an excel sheet with some information that is important to me and it suits my workflow. In this excel sheet the primary identifier is the file name, so it would help if there were unique file names. BTW, what are, in your opinion, “far important issues than this with the Q2 software”?

  3. There is a new “thing” coming to the market in September and it looked good to me on Kickstarter so I backed it. Haven’t tried it of course, but it looks like a good idea at least, not sure about the implementation. It is called Rita-Strap.


  4. Q2 is alive and well in 2022! Great for everyday carry and certainly better than Leica’s low light monster, the SL2-s, in that respect. It is always going to be a compromise as you know. If you don’t mind the weight, the Sl2-s is better for night photography. If you only do B&W, the Q2M is better for night photography. If you want an all rounder, the Q2 is OK for night as well. You can see pictures that I have posted here for some idea; if it works for you, get it. Don’t wait for the Q3, especially since it may be a 60Mp thing, which, (correct me if I am wrong here guys) will not do wonders for the night stuff.

  5. 23 hours ago, tom.w.bn said:

    Ok, you build your own solution around unique filenames. All image catalogue solutions on the market can handle multiple files with the same name though. They have to, because when you use many cameras from the same vendor over 10+ years you will end up with lots of files with exactly the same name. They are of course not in the same directory. The reference in a catalogue is always to a filename in a certain directory.

    They should close this bug a some point. If I was responsible for prioritzing bugs, then I gave it a low priority.

    Given the absence of other or more serious bugs (to my knowledge) I would give it top priority:)

    Also, why having to deal with same filenames by design? It’s a different thing to just have it happen once or twice somehow and it’s a different thing to actually “invite” it, like with this resetting business on the Q2. Using different cameras over the years, in all likelihood, you are not likely to have the same numbers since most have some initial in the beginning (like the L in the Leica files) and this ensures (to a certain extent) that your file names will be different among different cameras. Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess… To me, for example, having a running spreadsheet is the simplest solution for my needs anyway.

  6. 3 hours ago, Camaro5 said:

    My file numbers did not reset.  The camera settings did, but the file numbers did not.  I don't know if it makes a difference, but my Q2 is brand new and made in Feb. 2022.

    This is bizarre! It should have nothing to do with the date of manufacture; it is a firmware issue. Mine definitely reset… Had to fix it again manually.

  7. 14 hours ago, AndrewDD said:

    I keep seeing complaints about this, I really don't understand the issue. Unless you keep every photo you ever take, in the same folder, and don't rename them, what's the problem?

    I keep an index of my favorite images that goes back 10 years at least. It is a searchable database with keywords etc. If two images have the same name, it is (obviously) an issue. Even more obvious is that it should be corrected by Leica ASAP…

  8. Unfortunately it is standard and even though we have discussed it as nauseam here, Leica kept the bug in 4.0. There are some workarounds that do work (a search will lead you to the right post) that entail changing the image number to the last one of the folder in the computer, putting the card back in and shooting one image which will then bump the folder from, say, 100 to 101 - keep doing this until you reach your desired image number. Apparently there is an easier way too (mentioned in that same thread) but I cannot recall how it works.

  9. Personally, I shot only a few jpegs anyway (mostly monochrom), but even then I am not interested in the SOOC quality because I work on them in Lr. I am sure that, given time, there will be some people working on tweaking the settings in order to emulate their favourite film look and feel and may be kind enough to post their settings here on the forum for others to try out as well. I tend to leave those micro-settings at 0 so my starting point in post processing is always the same.

    Having said all that, please lighten up Spud, people browse the fora in their spare time which may or may not be enough to get to all the posts. And then, maybe what that other person said (about most shooting RAW) may indeed be the case for this camera. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Take care:)

  10. Images shot during April in my hometown, Thessaloniki, Greece. Q2 / CC most welcome!

    More of my work can be seen in my fb Page and my website (wirtelight.net)

  11. 18 hours ago, hdmesa said:

    Highlight weighted-metering is a god-send for even the color Q2 because the highlights are way too easy to blow on this sensor. Raising shadows on the Q2 is effortless in post, so unless you're trying to shoot JPEG-only, this new metering mode is amazing (YMMV of course :) )


    Noooo, that's what lets the camera reset the numbering, having the card blank with no images and only the firmware. Leave your current images on there and you're golden.

    I always thought that you have to format the card and that's what i have been doing. This has resulted in file numbering going back to the beginning. But ig what you are saying works, then that's fine - they should just say so in the instructions and let the user choose what they want. Anyway, THANK you for this!

  12. 33 minutes ago, hdmesa said:

    If you save the profile at the time of update and reimport, it keeps the file naming. I also think in the past if my SD card didn't have any old files on it, the file numbering would also be off. So if you have a formatted SD card without images on there, make sure and save profiles then re-import. Even if you don't have a "User 1" set up, it brings back your settings to the default profile.

    It is odd that the file naming convention is retained through the upgrade process (if you export and reimport profiles - e.g. mine is Qxxx instead of Lxxx) but numbering is not. What are they thinking?

  13. It boggles the mind when a company that is charging an arm and a leg for a camera chooses not to fix an apparent bug. I can understand the features that they chose to not include, despite (paying) customers' suggestions. But the image numbering reset is a bug and it takes all of one line of code to fix... It is a very poor show by a camera maker that wants to keep charging as much as they want. Very pissed off to have to go through that very tedious process to get back to the image number I was before the upgrade. Venting completed; not a happy camper...

  14. 49 minutes ago, Luke_Miller said:

    I don't have an SL2-S either, but I feel pretty sure you would have to hold the joystick down to lock the exposure.  That is the way the AE-L button on my Nikons work and it is how a half press of the SL shutter release works. 

    On the Q2 for example (as well as other cameras I have had in the past, like the X100F) you press the AE-L button and you lock exposure for that shot. You don't have to keep it pressed with your finger as your are shooting. it was like that in earlier q2 firmware but it was eventually fixed.

  15. I am also contemplating the same switch. I am intrigued by the low light capability / IBIS of the SL2-S not to mention the smaller files and the 35 APO I would be getting if I decided to make the switch. Not that thrilled about the size / weight compared to the Q2. My main gripe with the Q2 is that I would like a native 35 mm lens on it and if that is not possible, at the very least a better digital zoom implementation, i.e. "filling" the screen with the zoomed in image instead of the anachronistic frame lines. I know I can crop and have an f/2 35mm, but it just doesn't "feel" the same. On the other hand, I love the macro capability (including the ELPRO52 I am using) and the incredible UI, i.e. the manual knobs with the A on them; as easy as can be. The SL2-S feels more "standard" in the sense that it works like most other digicams. Will not make use of its video capabilities either. The more I think about it, the more I feel that it is just GAS with the SL2-S...

  16. It's not that hard, come on:) Anyone who owns one should be able to answer it! I would REALLY like to know as I am using Spot and AEL almost exclusively and holding it to "stick" would be really cumbersome. Again, thanks for taking the time!

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