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  1. I sometimes get the same “grid” on the Q2. Haven’t been able to make it go away yet or isolate the cause.
  2. Thank you. I see your point about the verticals - I did straighten the horizon (look at where the sea meets the sky). The point I am trying to make is how the same (sort of) subject can be conveyed in both color and B&W depending on the story one wants to tell and I believe that this is doable in the mind of the photographer without any external help, save for looking at a B&W EVF for finetuning.
  3. I have set the User Profiles on the Q2 in terms of what I usually shoot: 1. Standard (all purpose): AFs, Field, Single Shot, Spot metering, AWB, DNG - A mode 2. Macro: AFs (C for critters only), Spot AF, Burst, Multifield metering, AWB, DNG - A mode 3. High Speed (moving subjects): AFc, Tracking AF, Hispeed burst, multi field metering, AWB, DNG - S mode 4. Zero Light: AFs, Field, single shot, spot metering, AWB, DNG, Auto ISO 5. Portrait: AFc, Face detection AF, HI speed burst, Mutifield metering, AWB, DNG - A mode 6. Monochrome: AFs, field AF, single shot
  4. Possibly. The point being...? If you feel you can put your experience to good use and show me what is meant here by the hypothesis that a monochrome camera somehow influences the input by enabling (or any other verb you prefer) the shooter to see / think in B&W, I would kindly ask you to do so. I mean this, so we can hopefully move beyond the smartass remarks and actually learn something. I still maintain that the monochrome is only about the output for technical reasons that we all know. If a photographer has been shooting B&W long enough, he or she knows if a story is bette
  5. Gee, you boys saw right through me! Interesting how you need a Q2M to see in B&W... Show images. Not words. (incidentally you are not really good with words, hope you are better with images). Being in Athens, I will go to sleep now to feed my NPD, but I guess you know that already. And as for Greek tragedy, did you get the wikipedia definition? Images gentlemen, show your work with the tolls you have and leave the battles or wits to others. Good night;)
  6. I know, life of the party. And pathological liar. Oh, and let's not forget flame thrower and photographer. How about you?
  7. You are welcome! Now let's get back to the business of taking enlightened B&W photographs with our beloved toys, shall we? I am making a point that, I realize, is hard to accept. Didn't have any illusions about that. In any case, let's agree to disagree and let's all get out and make images (B&W or color) with whatever we happen to be carrying at the time. And let's share images so we can prove the points we are making and drive the collective knowledge here higher. Not interested to argue with you or anyone else for that matter. Happy shooting:)
  8. Dear Herr Barnack, Although I am oh so tempted to tear those childish arguments apart (I am talking early childhood here...), I will not. As I said before, "over and out". I suspect that if you had trouble understanding that, it is conceivable that my other points would indeed be above your comprehension level, for which I apologise. Mea Culpa. You did say one good thing though: Can we all get along? Yes, if we refrain from calling other people's opinions "horse droppings" which you did and I obviously had to reply. As to the $64,000 question: can you show me how the Q2M or other Mon
  9. Dear Herr Barnack, Your comments may indeed be horse droppings and that’s your prerogative obviously. They do not insult me of course because I just take them as such:) I still maintain that if you carefully read the statement I made, you will not be insulted, as I am not accusing anyone of "not being there". I am merely saying that someone who cannot think or see in B&W without the trivial (at best) help of a prop (a camera IN HAND that will magically condition/force/enable you to see/think in B&W) you do not need it, because your mastery of the art is at a lower level than
  10. Such a heated discussion... Jeez:) So let me add to the heat a bit if I may! My comments are not meant to be inflammatory or insulting, but if you take them as such, please know that this is NOT my intention. To answer the initial question: For someone who has the money to spend on this question, the real answer is get whatever trips your trigger, i.e. whatever makes you fell better about yourself and makes you pick up the camera and have it with you at all times. For the rest of us common folk, we have to make do with possibly one camera and probably stretch a bit to buy any Leica,
  11. I haven't seen a soft release on a Q2, so I am inclined to believe that it cannot be used. Personally, I don't see the point anyway (given that in some cases on other cameras, s/r buttons have created problems), but that is besides the point. If I were you, I wouldn't try it unless someone came forward and positively said that it can be done.
  12. Images and the previous two posts were all shot in June with the Q2 (my only camera) and edited Lightroom. Comments and CC welcome! Now, if you like them, you can see more of my work on writelight.net, my personal photo website. Thanks!
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