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  1. The Q/Q2 is certainly capable of great macro photography by virtue of its great lens, with or without the ELPRO macro lens. There are tons of images in here that are tack sharp. Of course the 28 is not the best for taking pictures of insects for example, but for more static objects, it works. Then it's up to the photographer.
  2. First of all: beautiful images on your site, congratulations! You mentioned that the 1.7 is not a 1.4 and that the former doesn't have the focus fall-off of the latter, which is probably true, but can you actually see the difference in the images and are you sure it should be attributed to the difference in maximum aperture and not in the different design of the lenses?
  3. Great shot, love it! Quick question that I have posted here on the forum before but got no real answer...: I see that you are getting the same spots around the sun as I am when shooting against it. In color they look greenish/aqua and you can reduce them a bit in LR but not completely. I was wondering if you know what they are, how to get rid of them completely or avoid having them in the first place. Thanks!
  4. The 32 images I just posted are the latest batch from my August vacation. They were all shot with the Q2, which is the only camera I am using these days. I hope you like them and I am open to constructive comments and criticism. If anyone is interested in seeing more of my work, please go to my website (write light.net) or my Facebook Page with the same name. Thanks!
  5. I tried it once on my MacBook Pro (retina, older model) and it took an eternity and a half... Never tried it again:/
  6. Not familiar with the M10 at all. What I do know is that the 75 frame lines create an extremely small window for any meaningful composition to be facilitated. On the M, obviously this is a necessity die to the OVF, but on the Q2 is an anachronism and it just irks me that the only reason they are doing it is the M legacy... If someone wanted an M, they would get an M. I am not a rangefinder guy and that's why I chose the Q2, among other reasons. Also, it is not hard to achieve because (a) virtually all other companies are doing it and (b) it is already there in a way, i.e. when you shoot JPG+RA
  7. You are certainly not alone! This has been my main beef with the Q2 since day 1. I have tried to make the point here in the forum and gain some traction, so that we can ask Leica to at least offer this is a menu option with a future f/w upgrade. Some people say that this a legacy issue, i.e. makes the Q2 feel more like an M, but, if you ask me, this is a very impractical implementation that makes the digital zoom hard to use, ir not completely unusable (at 75mm). So, please voice your opinion loud and clear and maybe we can be heard:)
  8. The following images were shot during the month of July with a Leica Q2. You can see them in full resolution and captions along with more of my work at my website: writelight.net, at the Latest section or in their respective thematic albums. Any comments welcome!
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