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  1. Hand AND thumb grip might be unnecessary. Using it without any of the two is hard. Between the hand and thumb, it depends what suits you and your hands most. For me, it's the hand grip. Half cases are a bit too much for my taste, but in the end it is a very personal thing and it depends a great deal on what you are used to.
  2. This is yet another reason the digital zoom implementation is bad on the Q2. What you are saying would be immediately resolved if the 35, 50 and 75 FoV would fill the frame, as is the case with every other non-rangefinder camera...
  3. I stand corrected then! I haven't touched / seen one, hence my comment!
  4. Thanks! Close enough for government work as they say:)
  5. I agree that the 35mm is like a ff 35mm @ f/2 and it is enough for me; now if only the image would fill the frame...:/ Also, could you please elaborate on the last sentence (75mm and magnification)? Are you talking about manual focusing?
  6. Personally I really don't get the "P" thing at all and I know I am in a minority here, but it's OK. It's the same camera sans red. I don't see the point really, unless one is really afraid that the red dot will make the camera more of a target for thieves; incidentally I disagree: either the thief is a connoisseur, in which case, red dot or not he knows that this is a Leica, or he is not and he is after any camera anyway. I like the elegance of understatement as much as the next guy, but one would be hard pressed to call the Q a flashy camera anyway. As usual, different strokes for different folks:)
  7. YMMV... I shot the following with the ELPRO52 and they look good to me, but as I said, your mileage may vary. Obviously, this is not the right kit for serious macro work, but throwing macro (with or without the ELPRO) in the Q2 mix, makes it an even more compelling choice for someone who (like me) wants one camera only and occasionally shoots macro.
  8. I am attaching 12 images (in two posts) from the month of December. All were shot with the Q2, since it is my only camera these days (and for the foreseeable future!). My work can be seen both on my fb page (writelight) and my website (writelight.net). Obviously, constructive criticism and comments are not only welcome but highly appreciated!
  9. Dear Leica God - I have been a good boy all this past year and didn't buy any photo gear. PLEASE bring me this camera and while you are at it, make the lens a 35 and I promise I will quit nagging about the digital zoom implementation (btw, you dropped the ball there on th Q/Q2 but you have a chance to fix it the third time around, but let's not digress here). A screen that is flipping (any way, don't mind really) and a 35 mm f/2 or better and I promise I will keep it and pass it on to my children. Oh, and I will never ask for anything else, ever again! So there!
  10. For a while there, I was using the Q2 side by side with an X100F. I decided on a workflow that entailed using the X100F for jpg's with their film simulations (ACROS and CC mostly) and then mostly for people shots due to their skin tone rendering. I rarely fiddled with the files in LR. I used the Q2 for everything else. I was happy. Eventually I decided that having two cameras (especially these two cameras - wide angle fixed lens) made little sense and I stuck with the Q2. Having said that, if one is looking for SOOC results and no fuss, I believe that they cannot go wrong with Fujifilm.
  11. Any ideas when (if?) we should be expecting a firmware update for the Q2? It’s been a while it seems, but I am not familiar with Leica’s firmware policies and cycles. In any case, now that I have been using the Q2 as my exclusive camera for over a year, I know that if I had to choose just one item for a firmware update, it would be the digital zoom implementation (as I have mentioned several times before!). The reason I mention it again is to make a point about how complete I find this camera to be. Can it be improved? Sure, like everything else for that matter. But the simple menu / button structure and the accompanying operating logic are a joy to use and in conjunction with the IQ, this may be one of those rare cases where adding stuff could actually subtract from the user experience. As usual, ymmv:)
  12. TENTH UPDATE Bug Fixes 1. Folder renaming after firmware update, i.e. image numbering should continue from the last one taken/named instead of reverting to the beginning and having to jump through hoops to reset... 2. When shooing B&W jpeg and tracking AF the image reverts to colour when the shutter is half pressed Features 1. Digital Zoom implementation (yes, I know I have mentioned it before...) - give users the option to use the frame lines or the magnification of the image of 35, 50 or 75 mm to fill the screen. 2. Perspective control a la M series, nothing more to add here! 3. Real behavior Back Button Focus. AF-On style, like Nikon implementation. 4. Overlay of a previous photo in the EVF - seems like it could be handy when you are planning to merge shots and don't have a tripod to ensure consistent composition 5. Metering mode to expose for the highlights (Highlight-weighted metering) 6. App coupling, for geotagging, to be more reliable (to the person who posted this, a bit more information on this would be nice) 7. Ability to place Copyright, photographer name, or other user created, short text statement into EXIF data to be saved with image. 8. Square format offered with the same implementation as the 35, 50 and 75 digital crops. 9. Eye tracking AF (or at least more stick and smarter face detect). 10. Lossless RAW/DNG format (compressed). Smaller JPG file size option (fine vs. standard). 11. Correct file size at digital zoom (e.g., 75mm crop at small JPG should yield a 7MP file, not a fraction of small JPG file). 12. Bluetooth connection with phone for geotag. 13. A 65/24 format (panorama) that still retains 50% of megapixels, as per GFX100S. 14. A focus range limiter, that can be configured to focus within a range 0-5m or something - pop it in FN menu for quick change. 15. A function where the autofocus is disabled and the camera adjusts the focus such that the DOF reaches infinity. As you are adjusting the aperture, the camera will refocus to always give you the maximal DOF until infinity. Currently, you have to switch to manual focus and adjust the focus such that the infinity symbol is at the right side of the DOF bracket on the lens for a given aperture. Having this automated could be helpful for street and landscape photography. 16. Allow reduced JPEG resolution for different focal lengths, for example 12MP for every focal length, or reduced MP (like 24MP) for 28mm but still 24MP for 35mm etc. Unfortunately right now you can just change ALL resolutions by a factor. Doesn‘t make sense to change the 75mm to 8MP only because you dont want 45MP 28mm pics 17. Being able to choose release mode when using AFC. So, focus OR release. 18. Camera should not refocus between frames in AF-S in burst mode! Currently, burst mode cannot be used! Only the first frame is sharp. 19. Re-centering of focus by a double click of the centre button on the directional pad. This should be configurable as well: First Press to Center the focus field, Second Press to Set back to the last used place. So one can easily switch between the center and the last point. 20. In full Auto mode, the right wheel would do exposure compensation whereas in manual mode it would do ⅓ steps correcting exposure time. At the moment one has to go into menu each time in order to change from Auto to manual. This could also be set by the user. (USER EXAMPLE: "...I want to bind the exposure time to the right thumb wheel. In my former professional workflow it was common to when I switch to fully manuel mode, then I use Aperture, Time and ISO to reach the finish line, and not the exposure compensation. I want to be able to use my right thumb to switch between the time values. Like maybe set the Exposure Time wheel from A to 1/2000 and then set my very own exposure time that doesn't change until I want it to or I spin the wheel again. Another way would be to set the exposure time wheel to the closest value that matches the light scenery and then correct the time (not compensate) to the needed definite value...") 21. The crop button should have more options available to assign to it similar to how the FN does. 22. The User Profile selection screen (from new top menu or assigned button) defaults to cancel. It would be great if it defaulted to the current active User Profile. 23. Have the self timer assignable to a User Profile and not have it turn off when the camera is turned off. (Very useful for landscapes etc...) 24. Different colours for the focus area box (white can be hard to see) 25. AEL for more than one frame 26. Option to have info bars showing in EVF and not on the LCD. [...] would prefer to see a smaller but complete image rather than having part of it shaded out. At least the possibility to make the info bars more see through. 27. An ‘off’ position for noise reduction / sharpening in the jpeg settings. 28. Better high iso performance... (not sure if this is a f/w thing) 29. Compressed DNG setting. The files are huge and can be halved in size in Lightroom by updating “DNG preview and metadata” but this is not ideal as it takes a bit of time and you lose any of the ‘crop’ frameline settings. 30. 1:1 and 4:5 aspect ratio frame lines. It also would be nice to have more filigran lines. The grid lines in the EVF are way too bulky and dominant. 31. To be able to lock the crosshair in the center of the frame and not have it move when inadvertently touching the touchscreen. 32. More reliable AF-C mode. AF-C is way too nervous, it never locks onto objects, even if they stand still. 33. The ability to chose AF-C Speed. It leads to better results when one is able to choose the operating speed for auto focus. (e.g. Slow-Mid-High: slow for slow moving objects like walking people, high for cars and so on) 34. Crop Button to be used as AF start, or AF+AE start and the Shutter button only to take the shot, or take the shot + metering. 35. Crop Button to be used as AE-Lock + AF-Lock by holding the button in both AF-S and AF-C mode. When releasing the button it should get back to normal metering and focusing, so there is no need to push the button again to make the "freeze" go. 36. Menu option to block the accidental switching to video mode just by carelessly touching the menu screen. 37. When the information display overlays are off, make the exposure compensation display appear while exposure compensation is being adjusted. The Q did this, and Leica took it away on the Q2.
  13. I believe this was fixed with the 3.1 firmware update. I am I left eye shooter myself and I don’t have this problem anymore:)
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