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  1. Grundtvigskirken Peak in Northeast Greenland National Park Leica SL(601) with Lumix S 24-105/F4
  2. Exactly. Build like a tank, Shutter sound like a cannon! Indestructible. Too heavy!
  3. That may be because the camera remembers the last (adapted) lens you set while you put one the same. So does the SL(601). Put on another lens and then you change.
  4. Venus Optics/Laowa makes very useful lenses with exotic focal lengths and L-mount now. Good quality and attractive for astro photography, macro and super-duper wide. https://petapixel.com/2020/07/24/venus-optics-just-released-6-popular-laowa-lenses-for-the-l-mount/
  5. Which may be useful for film-makers, who do not need AF or IBIS. And work with elaborate cages to control focus. Not so much for SL and SL2 (yet) https://meikeglobal.com/products/meike-50mm-t2-1-full-frame-cine-lens
  6. Wise choice Paulus. See you next year. Stay healthy! Sander
  7. You could consider the Panasonic 16-35. I have it: it's light, not too bulky/intimidating and handles well. The picture quality is fine, even when I peep. It has accepts 77mm filters. And got superhigh fihures in ColorFoto's (Germany) listings. Se. attached. The Sigma 45 also reports to be good. Both won't break your bank, can be resold without too much loss when want to revert to DL lenses. Se some reviews here: https://www.photoreview.com.au/reviews/mirrorless-lenses/mirrorless-lenses-full-frame/ The Pana 24-105 comes out good, but it is large. I found its results rather
  8. No experience with the Lux50mmSL, but read many posts that the AF is slow. What about the couple'a years newer PanaPro50L?
  9. Do consider the Panasonic lenses. They work like natives on the SL. They are lighter than Leica SL lenses. For macro the Sigma 60mm L-mount is very good choice. The AF can be of help in the field.
  10. Sorry no. I mean the Leica M Tri-Elmar 16-21mm. But I am sure the Leica SL 16-35 does great. This is a good panorama app: https://www.ptgui.com/ But there are others that probably gives good results too. Automated, the learning curve is quite flat:) Here is an example where pictures were taken from a Zodiac ( in Greenland) and in the result the horizon was wavy. No problem: warped in Photoshop and it came out straight:
  11. Stand plus lightbox etc should be around 500 Eur. The idea is the the slides go on the light box and your camera makes digital pictures of the slides
  12. Absolutely. In L-Mount preferably. Take pictures vertical for panorama’s Some here, many with WATE 16mm. https://sanderva.zenfolio.com/f970568662
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