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  1. Has the SF 64 been discontinued? It's still listed on the Leica Camera website, https://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/Accessories/SF-64-Flash?SearchText=leica sf 64&cat=suggesterList, but not listed for sale when you click on "shop now."
  2. TDR

    APO 50 contrast

    The concept of heightened contrast adding to the sense of separation from the background, like depth of field but not depth of field, is interesting. I'm thinking of trading my Noctilux for the APO because my style has evolved. I no longer want the dreamy look. I want the sharp details, but I want to separate the subject from the rest of the picture. A wide aperture will do that, but it would be enhanced by this heightened contrast. It would make sense that the M 50 Summicron APO would have the same effect as the SL Summicrons. Peter Karbe says he used the M 50 APO as his model.
  3. Much has been written about the new SL Summicrons, in particular the way that an increased contrast helps separate the subject from the background. Since the M 50mm APO was the forerunner of these new SL Summicron lenses, I'm wondering if the 50 APO also demonstrates this effect. Bear in mind that I'm not referring to depth of field but the effect of increased contrast at the point of focus. Here is how the Leica website describes this in its description of the 35mm SL Summicron: "(S)harply focused objects show much higher contrast than objects that are out of focus. This means that objects “snap” more distinctly out of the foreground or background and more effectively isolate the subject. This creates a three-dimensional visual effect with very impressive apparent depth." Here is a link to that webpage, where there is also a chart that describes this effect: http://en.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/SL-Lenses/Prime-Lenses/APO-Summicron-SL-35 Again, my question is, have users of the M 50 APO noticed this effect?
  4. Someone in a Leica Blog interview said that one can set the electronic viewfinder on the SL to see in black and white. Or at least it appeared to be what he was saying. Is there a setting that turns the viewfinder into black and white? I can’t find a mention of it in the manual. Tim
  5. Daryl, Are you using the lens on an S or on an SL? Tim
  6. I've been looking for a long prime lens for my SL. There aren't any yet in the SL line. The 90-280 is a great lens, but it is too big for me to carry around for the documentary work that I do. I wonder if the 180mm S lens would work on the SL. It would be an expensive option, but I'm just thinking now about how practical it would be. Would it have full auto-focus and the same auto exposure that the SL lenses have? And would it be effectively a 180 mm lens on the SL?I'm assuming that one needs an S to SL converter. Can anyone help me out with these questions? Thank you. Tim
  7. I need a pair of pliers to pull the iso wheel up. I gave up on it and now use the menu. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I can certainly see why the SL lenses need to be larger than M lenses to accommodate auto-focus. But if they needed to be XXXL to meet the highest optical standards, then the M lenses would be at least XL. Or are the M lenses inferior to the SL lenses? I don't think that they are. Tim
  9. I bought an SL to replace one of my Ms. It is a very fine camera that I use with my M lenses. I had hoped to experiment with some of the SL lenses too. I bought the 50mm SL summilux, which is gigantic and heavy. It's the sort of lens that one might use in a studio or on location "shoots" where you can tote it around on a hand truck.You know you're toting a howitzer when a guy with canon 5D and 50mmf/1.2 has what looks to be a compact outfit. I was holding onto this optical elephant to trade for a 50mm SL summicron or 35mm SL summicron. But now I see that these lenses are also abnormally large and heavy, even if they are slightly smaller and lighter than the 50mm SL summmilux. I know that these lenses have auto focus, but why must they be so enormous? The 75mm SL summicron weighs 20 grams more than the 50mm M f/0.95 noctilux. Tim
  10. Indeed. It was the button on the joy stick. I can't remember what all these buttons do. Thank you. Tim
  11. The top line of the viewfinder display, EVF and LCD, has disappeared on my Q. I can't check on the battery level, autofocus mode, white balance or the other items that usually show up at the top of the screen when taking a picture. Have I inadvertently changed a setting? Or is it something else? I'm using firmware 2.0. Tim
  12. In version 3.0 click on the joy stick to turn on magnification. But how can I change the level of magnification? It's so high that the image jumps around too much. I'm thinking there is a way to reduce the magnification a little, but I can't find it. Tim
  13. Based on what you are saying, maybe the D-Lux, which is four-thirds (what we used to call half-frame) would be better than trying to use the 240 for video. Do you have any sense of how well the SL does video?
  14. Has anyone here considered the D-Lux 109 as a video camera to supplement an M10? I'm one of those who like what's being written about the M10, but am worried about losing the video function on my M240 and MP 240. The D-Lux 109 has 4K video, but the sensor is half the size of the M10. It would be one more thing to carry, but it's fairly small. Is anyone else thinking about this? Tim
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