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  1. Thank you so much to all! I've managed to learn quite a few things. It looks like I really need to try it for myself now that I have a great starting point. I love the results that a modern APO lens can provide (SL and TL line) even though is not appropriate for every situation(ex: wet look when is not necessary) . I also love using the 75mm M Summarit for uniformity across the frame and dry look. The APO lenses are amazing for clarity. I hope I can print that to a certain extent. After your answers and a bit of research I now have a good idea where to start from.
  2. I was waiting for a response from you. I know you have many APO lenses. Is there any way you can share a photo of a print taken with an APO lens? I'm curious if 4-color electrostatically directed xerography really shows the "sparkle" that apo lenses provide. Thanks!
  3. I've used a few printers and printed in specialised stores as well. I still can't see the "sparkle" of microcontrast and the contrast created by the APO lenses. I'll call White Wall and bark.com next week...
  4. What printing service do you guys use for prints from APO lenses? I couldn't find anything online related to this. I just can't see the same clarity on prints as I see on my iPad / Laptop... Does anyone here have experience with printing good quality photos from Leica SL APO lenses?
  5. SF60 can be used with Nissin PS8 SONY power pack.
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