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  1. I use my M9 almost exclusively now. Plus an occasional shot with my iPad when needed. Doug
  2. I'm now searching for a summicron 35mm, v.III or IV, having just sold my v.II which was in really bad shape. Otherwise, I'm happy with what I've got. Most are of the vintage variety, but they perform as well as I need them to. Doug
  3. Thanks, and best wishes! I'll download your book upon my return. Doug
  4. Very atmospheric, as Paul noted. I like it a lot. Would it be sacrilegious to photoshop out the telephone pole and lines? Doug
  5. Very good! Sablet it is. Between the Vaqueras and Gigondas wine districts, just west of Vaison la Romaine. Been there? Your turn. Doug
  6. Thank you, Stuart. As a further hint, we are in Provence. The wine hint above should help narrow things some more.
  7. It's been over a week with no input so I guess this is the end of a great run of photos. RIP. Doug
  8. It's a big country, but I can't get closer than that. Sorry. Doug
  9. This wasn't supposed to be hard. As you can see, we are still in wine country, and the wines in this region have improved greatly in the last 20 years.
  10. Getting warm. North of Grasse, but still Provence.
  11. That's a good wild guess. France, but where...?
  12. Where are we now? Name of the town in the picture, please. Apologies for the haze. It was summer. Doug
  13. Thanks. I think I took the same picture. Doug
  14. Looks like the Okavango delta in Botswana. Doug
  15. Looks like something I saw in Saudi Arabia many years ago, but I can't get closer than that. Doug
  16. I especially like the one of the police officers laughing. Nice moment captured. I lived in Venezuela some 35 years ago, and met my now wife there. Times have changed there, I fear. Doug
  17. Looks like you're coming in over Long Island, approaching JFK. Doug
  18. Too true! Probably only in their museum. Doug
  19. I got the country, all right, but didn't recognize Barcelona. Anything I would have said would have been blind guessing. Bumac obviously got it in one. Doug
  20. Mine is #3100134, bought in NY early November, 2006. Sorry, Wilson. Still going strong! Doug
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