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  1. Sun setting over the high desert of New Mexico from El Dorado.... SL 2 / PL 70-300mm
  2. A panorama of the high desert at sunset, New Mexico. SL2. /PL 70-300mm
  3. @LevonWhere are you getting Aps-C crop mode on the SL2, I don't see it in the Photo Aspect Ratio menu, it's only available if i mount a TL lens?
  4. Monsoon season has arrived and with it some interesting skies.... SL2 / VE 24-90mm
  5. Monsoon Season is in full swing here in the high desert.... CL / PL 70-300mm
  6. High Desert Panorama at sunset. SL 2 / PL 70-300mm
  7. June was not great for tele scapes as temps were way above normal, so we had a lot of haze and smoke from forest first. July started a little cooler, for now. View over the high desert at sunset, SL2 / PL 70-300mm @300mm
  8. Driving from ABQ to Santa Fe on the highway last night just as I crested a hill the sun broke through heavy cloud cover, so I had to pull over quickly and make a few images. On the Road. SL2 / PL 70-300mm
  9. Some color mood over the high desert at sunset, from El Dorado New Mexico.... SL2 / EF 70-300 @300mm
  10. High desert living in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.... CL / R 80-200mm f4
  11. Metal man in the shadows..... CL 18-56mm @31mm
  12. View over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from Pecos, New Mexico.... CL / 55-135mm
  13. After the Storm....A storm blew through the area after a long hot day, so before sunset I went to one of my favorite local spots to see if the sun would make an appearance, or if there would be any color in the sky. SL2 / EF 70-300L, iso 50
  14. After sunset in the high desert around Santa Fe, New Mexico. CL / R 80-200mm f4
  15. The sun sets over the high desert in Northern New Mexico.. SL2 with R 80-200mm
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