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  1. Hello, Why in this case a 80% step?
  2. Hello all, I hope to find you well. I am looking for these answers on Q2 macro mode : - reproduction ratio - focal plan mark on the body - minimal distance to the subject. Thanks. Philippe
  3. Thank you. Can you explain why, please?
  4. https://www.darktable.org/2019/11/darktable-300rc0-released/
  5. Hello, Are you charging your battery at 100% or 80% most of the time? Cheers
  6. Who can confirm with the initial firmware, please? Thank you in advance
  7. I hope firmwares will come to upgrade this good hardware...
  8. I am waiting for your feedback! Thank you
  9. Bug? Manual or camera (with new firmware?)?
  10. Do you have this setup with Panoramic Mode: - Aperture ring on A - Shutter speed wheel on A - Auto Iso. ?
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