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  1. Welcome to the forum and congratulations for your rare collector piece! A lens with that S/N must be a prototype, that may be after tests, had been given to a Leitz worker, your Father, for instance. Antonio
  2. It is a very coarse copy of a "Leica I Luxus" in fact a Zorki camera, without the usual top plate . Notice the metal band painted around the vulcanite, the viewfinder clearly smaller than the viewfinder of the Leica I, and that the lens is an Industar (look for the control of the aperture). I would venture to bet that the "golden finish" is nothing more than polished brass. There are lots of pieces like that in the net mainly from Ukraine. Regards Antonio
  3. Luigi and M9reno I apologize for the bad quality of image scaning, but indeed the s/n is quite visible in the original and reads 362674. Thanks for your questions. Yes it is nice piece of journalism. And remembering that it was war times, and London under a terrible situation, we must salute the professionalism of the Editor Regards
  4. mnutzer It´s my pleasure. by the way, in November number of that marvelous Miniature Camera Magazine, we can read this article about Fed, soviet Russian copy, and a correct reference to Leica IIIc and not Leica IV (?) hipothetically said in May number. Best regards Antonio
  5. Stirring in old copies in my boxes, I found these wonderful examples of photo journalism, I hope you enjoy. Best regards from Porto Antonio
  6. Es una vergüenza, lo sé, pero tengo una gran envidia! It's a shame, I know, but what great envy I have Gracias Thank you Antonio
  7. My 2,8 Elmar (1950) does not fit in NOOKY, as its tube diameter is almost two millimeters larger than 3,5 Elmar´s. By the way the same for Elmar M 2,8. Regards Antonio
  8. It looks like some work of any soft abrasive
  9. Please see serial nº in this IIIC Leica: http://www.dagcamera.com/store/p194/Leica_lllc_Wartime_Camera_w%2Funusual_Serial_%23.html Regards António
  10. Is it possible that the lens is the Hektor 125 on Viso II, like mine? Regards
  11. Here is my Reid, with no TTH 2", I´m very unhappy. But with a Ross Extralux 13,5/4,5 and Wray (Viooh, lyre-shape copy), and a Jupiter 3, 50/1,5. Best regards. Antonio
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