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  1. @jwillyf Nope, I didn't get anything like that with the camera's included strap. Something like that would definitely resolve the issue, though. I can also see that some straps include leather discs... so that might be the solution I'm looking for.
  2. I'm trying to choose a new strap option for my Leica Q that doesn't scratch the surface of the camera. I've been using the strap that came with the camera, which I really like all around (length/design), but the rings slowly create scratches on the camera. I'm looking for something simple/minimalist like the included strap, but without that issue. (I don't actually care that much about this personally, but presumably, the next owner of my camera might care more.) Is there something easy I can do to make the included strap *not* scratch the camera? Otherwise, is the only solution a s
  3. I'm looking for a basic UV filter for a Leica Q to protect the lens. I've previously used this with seems to be a favorable choice: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/756810-REG/B_W_66_1066103_49mm_XS_Pro_NANO_Clear.html Leica seems to make their own filter since I've last looked. Does anyone know if there some advantage/disadvantage to Leica's filter? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1204607-REG/leica_13035_e49_uva_ii_filter.html
  4. FYI for B&H purchasers: it looks like they will tell you an estimated ship date if you ask them and it's soon enough that they have one already in the pipeline with your name on it. I ordered March 7th early in the day, and just heard back a few minutes ago that "your order is estimated to arrive at our warehouse by 4/1". So, I guess that also gives an idea of where you might stand if you _didn't_ order on launch day.
  5. @reynoldsyoung Did they notify you via e-mail or some other method? My B&H order was put in March 7 9:43 AM US/Eastern. Presumably you ordered earlier? Curious where I am in line and this will help me figure it out... thanks!
  6. I mean, I think you've answered your own question – the Q-P is now 4 year old technology. You always want the latest technology for your money – the slightly different aesthetics of the Q-P aren't worth it in comparison to camera with the latest tech. Unless you're getting a super amazing deal on the Q-P or something. How much is it?
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