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  1. Congratulations! Be sure to post your maiden shots and let us know how you like it. - Scott
  2. I went with the 28 Elmarit, partly because of size, but also because when shooting wider than 35mm I tend to go for greater depth of field, and for me the Elmarit is perfect. Your 50 Lux and 28 Lux (on the Q) are great for when you need that wide-open Leica magic, so either the 28 Summicron or Elmarit would round out the spectrum of capabilities, depending of course on how important DoF control is for you. I really love the Elmarit and can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to hearing which you pick! - Scott
  3. How about a toggle between OVF and EVF, like on some of the Fujifilms??? Seems like that would broaden the appeal...
  4. For those trying to gauge arrival, I just received mine yesterday from Leica Boston. Got on the list in March.
  5. I'm afraid not. That said, ONA's Bond Street bags--though designed as stand-alones--are definitely more robust/protective, and even smaller than the Roma. Detach the strap and you're good to go! - Scott
  6. Lots of great recommendations and choices here. I have gravitated to ONA bags and use the Roma when I need to pack my gear in a backpack or brief case. When I'm out and about shooting, the camera is over my shoulder without case for immediate access. Good luck in your search! - Scott
  7. Very nice series—I love the color palette!
  8. Due to a couple of miracles, I was able to acquire the Q2 and the M10M each within weeks of announcement. Extremely happy with the pair. If I didn’t already have these, the Q2M would absolutely be on the to-buy list!
  9. Pierre, Amazing as always. Your windows into humanity are moving, causing me to linger and ponder. Are there more?? - Scott
  10. Cayenne, The 28mm Elmarit-M is a great lens--I love it almost as much as the 50 APO. The following were all taken on the M10M with an orange filter:
  11. I'm afraid you've described me perfectly... Here's what I'll be driving 20 years from now: Oh, BTW, taken with my recently CLA'ed M3 w/ 50mm DR Summicron, I think with DELTA 400. - Scott P.S. Dustin, I apologize for spamming your essay with an illicit additional photo. I was hoping to help "illustrate" Brent's point. ESH
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