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  1. I'd find some eggs and make an omelette 👍
  2. Do you give a thought to fungus when storing your camera/lens? For example do you leave the lens cap off, or avoid storing in a leather case?
  3. I am no expert but I THINK the groove edging should be crisscrossed on the aperture ring and the lever that locks the lens is incorrect and normally has a cone shape knob on the top. This is a general guide and there may be exceptions, maybe a lens guru can clarify this.
  4. Hi, Are there any lens gurus who can tell me if this Elmar is genuine? Thank you.
  5. Hmm. So I should give AG a try? Thank you.
  6. I have ONLY used Harman Lab and that has been for around two years. Having not used anyone else I cannot really comment and have always assumed that any bad shots are down to me. I would love to hear from any professionals about their comments on Harman Lab. I assume that as they manufacture the film that I use (HP5) then they must be the best in developing it?
  7. Why has so little if not nothing been said of Harman Lab (Ilford Film). Surely they are a major player here?
  8. stvn66

    M3 vs iiig

    I have both and after much thought and reading the many posts I can narrow it down quite simply. If I were to go with my head it is the M3, if I go with my heart it is the iiig. As much as I enjoy the M3 it just does not excite me visually or in its use compared with the outstanding beauty of the iiig and the delicate, slow use that I execute when using it. I personally feel the iiig is the most beautifully crafted camera I have ever owned, it may not be perfect but I don't care, I just love using it:) There, I've said it. As a romantic guy my preference is the iiig with still much respect for my M3
  9. stvn66

    M3 vs iiig

    I have enjoyed your posts Mr Prime but the comparison was the M3 vs iiig, not the iiif. The iiig has a timer and frame lines for 50mm and 90mm lenses. I do realise that some iiif models have a timer but not all of them. However I do thank you for posts, I have a iiif with an external viewfinder but I do enjoy using the iiig more. Stay safe. Steve
  10. I have the 50mm Summarit. The Orange filter fits perfectly but as there is no resistance at the end, it can become loose, hence the glue.
  11. Hi Dave, Thank you for your advice I will be using no more than a pin head amount of glue.
  12. Sold. I will go with the Loctite 222. Thank you Andreas
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