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  1. Bottom line sans nits; A fine portrait of a lovely lady.
  2. speaking of focus et al: Nikon Z 9: First Mirrorless Flagship | B&H Explora
  3. Who really cares that a fine image was made via the spray/pray method. Think of the great shots you've seen.. How can you tell they've been selected from the 30 images made in that decisive second...
  4. Every one of my currently used straps are those with the quick release red dongles on them. Not stylish (:)), but so efficient.
  5. My M10-P with LrC processing shows A,S and ISO. Shooting DNG, without Leica lenses.
  6. Sandisk Extreme 32 GB. No problems. Format each time the card is removed.
  7. If Leica puts a EV on the M 11 that works as well as the Fuji XT4's. Count me in. This said after taking delivery of a Voightlander 35mm 1.2 Nokton (52mm equivalent) which is made to fit the X series mount. Fast, quick and accurate manual focus the likes of which I've never seen before. And, it talks to the camera. My translator is Lightroom... Just sayin'...
  8. The weight loss from ugly bottom protector and associated warning label removal was worth the effort. Rubbing alcohol does a good job. Not to mention the micro high one gets while doing the job.
  9. Best of all, the brassing is probably honestly earned. Take note you sandpaper users.
  10. ..all will be well with the EV (if it's mounted in the center).. and of course there's always the monitor.. Eat your hearts out D lovers.
  11. Thanks for the info Jono. Duly noted. Will test carefully... There'll be room on the storage shelf for more lenses <GRIN> And who knows... perhaps the M-12 (if I live that long)
  12. I've decided to shelve my M-10P. The half dozen M lenses however now have a new home: Fujiville... The X-T4. All the good, up to date features including EV, IBIS and manual focus with my selection of M lenses. It's long past time for Leica to have those two features in their M series..
  13. The 90mm Elmarit 2.8.. I'm easy to please...
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