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  1. I got into this just yesterday. LV overlooked (literally) and had to remove battery four or five times to keep shooting. LEICA ARE YOU LISTENING??!
  2. RF framing precision is also not exactly an M hallmark. Amen!
  3. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve the white paint that fills the engraving. It improved the look of my M10-P.
  4. For the 10-M: (1) Voightlander 40mm f1.4, (2) V't'lnd'r Nocton 75mm f1.5 and (3) The backbreaker; Nokton 21mm f1.4. If I must shoot color, the Ricoh G IIIX will be in my pocket. The 40 is my favorite focal length.. Almost welded to the camera. Others are JIC (just in case). Meanwhile back in the car you might find a MF and it's lenses.
  5. I use Peak design on both Ms. Able to pop on a wrist strap or standard quickly and easily. (the red dongles look kewel) If one is worried about the strength of that Peak rig, my huge GX 100s and humongus lenses have never overstressed it.
  6. I wanted to say yes.. But then my other cameras (non-FP) do that job without any help from Leitz. I certainly don't need to replace my M10-P or M10-M. I only use the RF when perfect focus is necessary. Estimating distance, and only having to think of how much exposure comp to dial in makes using the Ms such a pleasure. Not to mention fast. Bottom line: No thanks.
  7. Stephen.s1


    Bottom line: A fine photo.
  8. YES!!! And from what I read here Leica will sell a zillion of 'em.
  9. Ahhhh that makes sense. Thanks
  10. I just took delivery of a M10 Monochrome and can't find any mention of the Shading Correction option in the manual. Other than that, I must say that camera does make hyper-excellent images. Dunno why I put this off for so long.
  11. Peak Design. Only way to have it both ways.
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