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  1. Thank you Bart for your reply with the thread. MaxMax also offers same service for corroded sensor but it's $500 more expensive than Kolari and the link below makes me not getting services from them. https://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174228 So now Kolari and MaxMax are not an option so I will read the thread to find other places. Thank you very much again for the info.
  2. Dear friends, I have a M9-P with corroded sensor and I contacted Kolari Vision this morning. https://kolarivision.com/leica-m9-sensor-corrosion-repair/ Unfortunately, I was told that they repairs the cover glass only for M9 and M-E as titled, Not M9-P. I thought it may be possible for both M9 and M9-P since they have same sensors but that's what I was told anyway. I hope it helps for those who have M9-P with corroded sensor. It is sad that there's no way to fix the corrosion issue on the M9-P. What would you do with your corroded M9-P? Any suggestions or
  3. I just found this last night. Please see the link below. I hope it helps. https://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174228
  4. [ Update ] Thank you very much derleicaman and JonPB for the replies. I just contacted the Kolari Vision and I was told that they can only repair the cover glass on M9 and M-E, not M9-P. I thought they can do fix the cover glass as the sensor on both M9 and M9-P is same. it is sad to hear that and I don't know what to do with my M9-P. Now the MaxMax is the only option to fix the sensor but I was concerning their services after I read this below. https://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174228 Any suggestions or advices for me about my M9-P wou
  5. Dear friends, I have an M9-P with a corroded sensor and have been looking to see if there is still a chance to fix or replace the sensor since Leica is no longer offer the service. I found that Kolari Vision can now repair the Leica M9 sensor and replace it with corrosion resistant glass for $999. https://kolarivision.com/leica-m9-sensor-corrosion-repair/ I was wondering if it is for only M9 as I have a M9-P. And I tried to find some reviews about the services but was not able to find so if any info of the reviews of the repair services would be greatly appreciated as
  6. Yes! That's the reason I chose M8 after considering between M8 and M9. I am planning on learning my first digital range finder camera by using M8 for a few years and moving to M10P by saving up money until its price is affordable probably about 5-7 years later. Thank you very much again for your comment. It helped very much!
  7. Thank you for providing me the info about duration that I didn't know it's rated for 150k. I am now more comfortable to use the M8. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for your reply. I just noticed that I posted this on wrong category so I will post this again on another category. The M8 works well but I believe number of shutter count is still important like mileage on vehicle and even price is different depends on actuation so I was glad that I purchased the one with 0 shutter count not 9k. And I paid more because it has 0 shutter count. I wouldn't have paid that much if the info of shutter count was correctly provided on the selling description so I wanted to know if the sensor has been replaced since the seller said the M8 fully serv
  9. Hello All, I am here to get some helps after trying to find out myself what I wanted to know but failed. I recently purchased a used M8 that has never used after sensor replaced by Leica. However, its shutter count was around 9k when I checked after I received and the invoice that came with the M8 says nothing specifically about a sensor. It lists ‘necessary labours’ 4H ‘printed circuit defect’ ’adjust range finder’ ’clean, lubrication and adjustment’ ‘leather covering’ 1PCS ’printed circuit, adjusted / M8’ 1PCS ’sealing ring, 1x1,5’ 1P
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