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  1. Ich bin erstaunt welch tolle Bilder sie erstellen. Mein Glückwunsch. Ich bin seit Oktober glücklicher Besitzer einer V-Lux 5 und noch am Üben. Bitte stellen sie weiterhin so schöne Bilder mit ihrer V-Lux 5 ein.
  2. Best wishes for you from Germany. Have a god time with your wife and always your Leica ready! I always enjoy your fotos. Best regards Fred
  3. God morning, my best wishes, from germany living close to Frankfurt/Main, to you and your wife. It's wonderful.
  4. Mein Glückwunsch zu diesem herrlichen, natürlichen Foto. Ich bewundere ihre Fotografiekunst und wünsche ihnen persönlich ein gesundes und glückliches Leben mit ihrer Frau und ihrer Familie.
  5. Hi, i'm restarted my hobby, fotographing in 12/2017. Beginning in the Leica-World with the fantastic Leica SL. But due to heavy weight of body and lenses, not the fault of leica; it was my decission to buy it, i changed to Leica CL. Even a fantastic camera. But anyway after a while, due to my age, 73, I switched to the Leica D LUX 7. I'm verry happy with this decision. And all questions you asked are for me fulfilled. I'm verry happy with this handsome camera.
  6. Hi some pics. Done during my daily workout in my gym, mother nature with my bike.
  7. Thank you for your post. If you read all my preceding posts in this forum, i never complained about the leicas i owned. I knew about their weight and regardless i enjoyed them very much (no lie !!! ???, haha) . I got my Leica Virus in the 1990's, having the chance to take analog photographs with a LEICA, stated to the 1930's. My purpose for photgraphing, one of my hobby's since I'm teenager, is only to have joy.
  8. What are you? My senior? Please come down? Your statement is another reason for me, not to renew, my so to say "Premium Membership". Friends of mine warned me not to join and get "Premium Member" in this forum. They told me, some people would be intolerant. They were right!!!!
  9. Your argument sound for me a little bit strange. Anyway, thats my decision. Only mine. OK!
  10. I met him yesterday in a german beer garden close to Frankfurt/M. "Patershäuser Hof" D-Lux 7 1/200 f/5,6 Iso 200 34 mm
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