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  1. That works nicely. Thanks. I have it set so the back button is for AE-Lock, just as you mentioned that is the usual place for it on other camera models (Fuji for example), and the FN button for the digital zoom which works just fine. Thanks for this.
  2. So, I guess in setting it like this, you still have to push the FN button and switch it to Digital Zoom (for that button above the LCD screen), otherwise leave it alone and you always have AE-Lock at your disposal. It beats going into the menus, but it is still another step. That’s Ok though. Thanks for your help. I have made that change already.
  3. I have the latest software download it for the Leica Q2. I like using the digital zoom using the button on the top right just about the LCD panel. I would love to be able to use the AE-lock but it seems that it can only be done from that same button. Unless someone else knows how to activate it any other way. I can program it so that it is activated from the FN button or the right wheel button. But it is always linked to the button just above the LCD panel.On the like a CL it gives me an option I am still allows another option to use the digital zoom. Any help out there?
  4. Hi I have both the CL and the newest Leica Q2. The CL with its 23 mm lens is a beauty. Picture resolution is superb. The camera is good and small to carry around, and the 23 mm is the perfect lens. I also own the 18-56 lens which isn’t physically big, and not exceptionally fast, but the quality in the images is stunning. I carry both with me wherever I go. The simplicity of this camera is what I gravitated too. I wanted only to worry about issues regarding exposure and shutter speed, and not the multitude of capturing assistants that come with other cameras. By making it simple, it puts the fo
  5. I can’t seem to lock mine. I line up the white dots, and when I turn it, it moves but does not lock. It’s loose to touch and will move easily. I don’t want to jam it or force it.
  6. Marty Gervais


    Marty Gervais is a photographer and writer living on the Canadian/U.S. border and has an endless fascination for the urban environment that encompasses the two cities of Windsor and Detroit.
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