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  1. Oh dear, the pain is palpable. Here's hope you can replace it.
  2. We were in Lyon for about 5 days two years ago in September, balmy weather and not a drop in sight. We also did not have a bad meal.
  3. Think of it as an interlude between coffee/icecream/beer stops
  4. At James's suggestion on an older thread, I too have used Snappy Snaps when in London and found them to be quick and reliable; the latter being much more important.
  5. Folks, unfortunately I shall be unable to join you this year because of other commitments. Take lots of pictures and have fun. But above all, a safe trip there and back home.
  6. I'm not sure that it's the leather you should worry about. What should concern you more is the "tie her up straps" :D
  7. I'm really disappointed that you know each other. For a minute I thought the forum was doubling up as a dating venue :)
  8. Nice. I pretty much exclusively use those straps as I fine they are brilliant and of course, priced well were that a consideration. But then also, I'm a huge fan of Domke stuff as I find them to be just right.
  9. Sorry, I meant the red camera strap you've got.
  10. Nice. Try the Domke shoulder pad which is also comfortable, but slanted in such a way that it makes it difficult for the bag to slide off your shoulder. What is the strap? Also, is that a cassette player on the right hand side?
  11. Erl, I remember you telling us that story in Melbourne. A superb example that timing is everything
  12. Cost effective? Only if you have life insurance
  13. Nice. My best man (French), lives in Aveyron and has yet not managed to drag me there. When they lived in the val de loire, they couldn't get rid of us
  14. I recognise pretty much everything in your image except the strap; what is it?
  15. Do you mean better behaved or better looking? :)
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