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  1. Beautiful Oak and beautiful light on it.
  2. I'm so jealous!..My all time favourite digital cam was the M8..I remember looking at my first M9 images and thinking "What!, they're less beautiful and organic!"..Love the M9 now too, but the M8 had it going on.
  3. I've just been talking with an Apple person for an age, resetting the computer, he felt it should be competent for the task of editing the Q2 files but I've just been into LR and it's as glacial, as before even with this M10 file.
  4. Ooh, great, thanks..It's all double dutch to me..I'll quote you )
  5. Oh dear, I might have to do that early next year then...or sell the Q2. Thank you Andy
  6. Should I upgrade my computer or get a new one? Poss go to Stormfront? Many thanks for any help.
  7. I always compose within the 35 frameline, to me it's so useful to be able to see outside of it.
  8. I didn't keep the SL2s for long enough to realise that, the deal breaker was the weight though. TY for the good news, I'm so bloomin' untechnical.
  9. I would like to get a Q2 but not being able to lock exposure and recompose would be a deal breaker..can the Q2 do this? Drove me nuts not being able to do this on the SL2s, it's the way I shoot.
  10. I hope you can resolve that, hmm?..can't think of a reason why Foto's wouldn't work.. How much was your M10-D? If you don't mind me asking.
  11. Hi..No problem. I got the M10-D from London Camera exchange. It's mint and beautiful, I'm very pleased.
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