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  1. nope, nothing doing worth a try I suppose I've previously used in light rain etc but for heavy downpours and 'splash' potential leave in bag
  2. I ditched my 35 TL in favour of the Sigma 30 Size and weight improvement and, for me, no decrease in image quality There’s quite a bit of info on these if you trawl the forum
  3. Have just changed the rice in the camera ‘box’ from basmati to arborio Camera looks lovely and dry Another 3days yet though Not enough rice for a change for the lens so have gone with couscous Still moisture visible so maybe lot longer
  4. tbh when I saw that heading, I ran a mile, then read it properly basically impossible, so just square it with yourself I’m not saying be selfish or self important etc but just start living with your decisions, they are you, warts n all
  5. I'll let you know in about a week. Capsized in some rapids through inattention in canoe yesterday. My waterproof (doesn't need rain cover, but not actually a dry bag) rucksack kept my Q2 and the other lenses for the CL pretty much completely dry despite a couple of minutes immersion. The CL and 70-300 was tipped out with various shoes prescription sunglasses etc. Unbelievably my daughter who was in separate kayak hopped out and gathered everything up including the camera and glasses by searching the area where the flow slackened off. I had a look too, lovely warm water at t
  6. In choosing wether to keep the CL or TL2, both of which I loved it was the EVF of the CL that was the decider. I've never really liked taking photos by LCD all that much anyway so not that difficult a decision but use on sunny days was a pain as I recall.
  7. Because I love the CL and it’s a lot smaller and lighter than the FF Lmount alternatives. I find it pretty well balanced in the hand though admittedly it’s a bit heavy over the shoulder. I also sometimes use it with an old m summicron 40mm (which is tiny) as a slightly more pocketable alternative to my Q2
  8. I’ve had my 70-300 for a week or so and am very pleased, use it’s macro abilities in the garden quite a lot. I use with the CL in a half case and find it ok to handle. I take it and the 20-60 in a bag as a cover nearly all bases set up adding my Sigma 30 f1.4 if I may end up indoors or in the dark. I did have the full set of TL lenses bar the 60mm but have ditched them all with no regrets, except maybe the 23. For just having a camera with me most of the time it’s the Q2 all the way.
  9. CL now used for macro and telephoto duties (Sigma 30mm and marumi, Lumix 20-60 and soon to be added 70-300), also used with some m mount lenses for fun Q2 for just about everything really
  10. I have a couple of marumi macro ‘adapters’ I use with the sigma 30mm on the CL
  11. Q2 if just out and about and 1 camera/lens desirable CL if specific needs (tele etc) and/or in the car/rucksack Q2 macro useful
  12. I have one on my CL and find it perfectly ok, I’ve sold my TL lenses in favour of using it and the forthcoming 70-300 as a ‘hiking kit’
  13. They are big, so I sometimes decide it’s a ‘jpeg day’ and am perfectly happy with the results. If I “bottle’’ as it were I can easily switch back to DNG even if it’s only for a couple of shots.
  14. At 52mm filter It also takes an inexpensive marumi macro
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