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  1. I find the sigma primes so much nicer to actually go out and use so the 45/2.8 displaced this one from my bag (the sig 35/2 pretty much lives on the SL2)
  2. Out of interest, what do you regard as high ISO? I pretty much never go over 3200 and absolutely never above 6400 and don’t feel I miss photo opportunities very often. For my purposes therefore the Q2/SL2 combo is perfect. We all have different usages and expectations.
  3. I'm coming in the other direction and had most recently the Olympus M4/3 and a set of f2.8 and f4 zooms before switching to the CL/TL2 combo with the full set of TL Vario zooms. I started picking up primes and ended up with all the TLs, favourite being the 23mm and also some older m mount glass too so when I switched to S5 and SL2 my intention was to use the SL2 with primes and m glass and the S5 as a spare and for suspect areas, inclement weather, hiking etc I just like using the SL2 so much more that I wanted to use it in those conditions too, tape over logo etc and the 24-70 and I'm good to go anywhere(ish) I do prefer primes though as it makes for a more 'mindful' experience and using a zoom to change focal length just isn't the same but no dirt on the sensor which may reflect my poor lens changing technique and choice of environment to do so tbh
  4. The Sigma DG DNs are indeed fabulous and I have kept the 35/2, 45/2.8 and 90/2.8 I traded in the 24/2, 65/2 and 28-70/2.8 which were all lovely in favour of the 24-70/2.8 to give me a single lens solution for the awful weather conditions (dust or rain) that I seem to invariably attract Occasionally use my 'backup' Panasonic S5 with 20-60 and 70-300 which performs very we'll but just doesn't quite give me the enjoyment I get from using the SL2
  5. SL2 is way better but S5 ok and until I got the SL2 I was happy with it. When I switch from SL2 to S5 it's the 'hair trigger' of the S5 I notice and irritates me most though.
  6. I too have a lot of Sigma glass, 24/2, 45/2.8, 70macro2.8 and 90/2.8 as well as 28-70/2.8, love them all and also the m mount EVF experience too Whilst the SL lenses are just too big and heavy for me the SL2 itself feels just right, much more than the S5 I also have and have relegated to spare I’ve not used an FPl but cannot imagine it being anything like as satisfying to use as the SL2
  7. sigma 70 macro art the light was just perfect this afternoon
  8. early morning light reflection 1954 Elmar 90mm
  9. I went from S5 and don’t regret it Better viewfinder, higher resolution, Leica ergonomics Hugely more expensive though, especially if like me you keep the S5 which really is very good a 60th birthday treat being my justification I have a few m and ltm lenses and they do seem to perform better on the Leica tbh
  10. But isn’t the evf a bit less fabulous, no ibis and less crop ability?
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